Best Insurance For Manufacturers In Canada?

Best Insurance For Manufacturers In Canada?

Why It’s Important To Get The Best Insurance For Manufacturers In Canada Whether you manufacture parts for the aviation industry, a new, game-changing technology or anywhere in between, getting the best insurance for manufacturers in Canada is an important cornerstone of your bricks and mortar business. In your field, margins are always on your mind because a small tweak can have major impact on your bottom line. Your operations are surrounded by risks – both hidden and straight-forward – that’s why “Where can I get the best insurance for manufacturers in Canada?” is an important question to ask your insurance broker.

The manufacturing process is complex – from idea to prototype mould to actual manufactured product – there are multiple steps along the way that your team members must safely and expertly manage. There are also the tangible and expensive tools and equipment that are used every day as part of your manufacturing operations. And, before any manufactured product gets in the hands of the end customer, it needs to be warehoused, packaged and shipped – throughout each of these steps, knowing that you have the best insurance for manufacturers in Canada will give you peace of mind.

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Get Manufacturers Insurance – 5 Coverages To Be On The Outlook For…

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to assessing insurance for manufacturers. Some of the features that ALIGNED Insurance brokers are on the outlook for when evaluating manufacturers coverage include:

  1. Comprehensive Business Interruption – if there’s a power outage in your plant and stock is damaged as a result, your manufacturers insurance needs to be built to respond
  2. Waiver of Deductible – sometimes losses are fiscally catastrophic and that’s why having a built-in waiver can help cap the deductible you will pay in the event of a major loss
  3. Replacement Cost – unfortunately, product stock that’s been carefully warehoused can still get damaged or even lost and that’s why coverage that delivers the cost to replace stock is important for manufacturers
  4. Deferred Payment – if you sign a contract with a client to conditionally sell product &/or produce product for a future date, insurance that includes deferred stock payment plan coverage, risks associated with deferred payment will be covered
  5. Temporary and Crane Operators, etc. – because your client may be using new equipment that they haven’t advised you about &/or you may be using specialized equipment to move and lift products with a crane you need the best insurance for manufacturers

Across Canada, we understand the market and where to find the best manufacturers insurance in Canada. To get the process rolling, we’ll need information about your manufacturing business operations, locations, risks and more. Across Canada, our team of expert insurance brokers is ready to help connect you to the best manufacturers insurance options.

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