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Where Can I Get A Quote For All Risks Insurance In Canada?

Risk is everywhere and because of this, you may have heard about something called all risks coverage which has led you to wonder “Where can I get a quote for all risks insurance in Canada?” Well, questions like yours are a key reason why our ALIGNED Insurance brokers strive each and every day to provide insightful and informative insurance guidance to clients across the county. That’s also why your dedicated ALIGNED broker will always be available to provide any needed custom certificates of insurance, update your coverage, answer your questions and support your needs as a client. Last but certainly not least, this is why we are proud to provide expert guidance to questions like “Where can I get quote for all risks insurance in Canada?”

Simple + Proven Ways To Get A Quote For All Risks Insurance In Canada [Hint: Get ALIGNED]

Wondering if all risks insurance does indeed literally cover all risks is a very logical question. By name alone, all risk insurance coverage sounds like the ideal choice to cover all risks that an individual or a business might face.

As with many things in life, the specific reality of what all risks insurance does indeed cover is somewhat different than might appear at first glance. In fact, all risk insurance is actually a highly specific term that is commonly used to describe the full and complete scope of insurance coverage that provided within a commercial property insurance policy.

Commercial property insurance policies can, in fact, be written several ways. These include named or specified perils or all risk. It is important to understand that all risk insurance is also commonly referred to as all perils coverage and this means that all perils causing property damage are covered unless they are specifically excluded. Meanwhile, specified or named perils commercial property insurance policies specifically and only cover perils that are actually listed within your policy wording.

All risks insurance coverage is defined as: property insurance covering loss arising from any fortuitous cause except those that are specifically excluded. This is in contrast to named perils coverage, which applies only to loss arising out of causes that are listed as covered.

While all risks insurance continues to be used in the marketplace to define covered causes of loss in a property insurance policy, the term “all risks” is no longer actually found in insurance policies due to concerns that the term “all risks” insurance inappropriately infers that coverage is broader than what it actually is.

Instead of “all risks” you’ll more commonly hear terms such as “special”, “open” or “all” together with the word “perils” rather than  “all risks”. In fact, our brokers deliver many specific types of insurance designed to cover the multitude of risks that all businesses face. Here are just a few…

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