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What Are The Benefits Of Credit Insurance Coverage?

What Are The Benefits Of Credit Insurance Coverage? - ALIGNED Insurance brokers

What Are The Benefits Of Credit Insurance Coverage?

If you’ve ever wondered if an invoice is ever going to get paid….you don’t need to ask yourself “what are benefits of credit insurance coverage?” However, as credit insurance is often a worse case scenario solution and other solutions like training and coaching your finance team to be proactive or aggressive around collecting unpaid accounts receivables, developing standardized best practices, policies and procedures, the use of a reputable collections agency etc. are all good steps to helping reduce impact of not being able to collect on an an invoice.

So What Are The Benefits Of Credit Insurance Coverage?

The benefits of credit insurance coverage are numerous and we’ve outlined a number of them below:

  • One of the key benefits of credit insurance coverage is that it can cover your Canadian, US and Foreign sales/accounts receivables for non-payment.
  • Credit insurance coverage covers large, medium and small invoices to regardless of the size of your business or that of your customer there is coverage suited for you
  • Another of the benefits of credit insurance coverage is that it can cover up to 90% of an invoice which is unpaid.
  • Credit insurance coverage if for a wide range of reasons that you haven’t received payment including political, bankruptcy etc.
  • The ability to free up cash flow by using credit insurance coverage to increase your businesses ability to secure or increase financing is one of the benefits for credit insurance coverage.
  • Credit insurance coverage can help you grow your business by feeling comfortable in promoting your business in new markets gloabally as you have the certainty of receiving payment.
  • ALIGNED Insurance brokers can secured credit insurance coverage from many leading providers including EDC, COFACE & Euler so you have choice
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