What Credit Insurance Is The Best For Small Business?

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What Credit Insurance Is The Best For Small Business?

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Time is of the essence. As a small business owner you know that lining up your accounts receivable doesn’t always happen exactly as planned. And when invoices aren’t payed on time, your bottom line can quickly be impacted. That’s why many SME’s are asking what credit insurance is the best for small business. While our experienced insurance brokers understand the needs of all sizes of business, one of the questions they hear a lot is: “What credit insurance is the BEST for small business?”

We know time is money and we take pride in sourcing the best for small business solutions every day. That’s why we’re proud to partner with highly rated insurance companies like Euler Hermes Canada that understand the needs of Canadian small business.

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Since 1923, Euler Hermes Canada has made a name for itself as one of the oldest and largest private trade credit and accounts receivable management solutions providers. In fact, Euler Hermes Canada stands out as a credit insurance provider with:

  • More than 90 years of experience in Canada and 100+ years in North America
  • Presence in more than 50 countries and 5 continents
  • AA financial rating by Standard & Poor’s and A+ by A.M. Best Company

Answer: “What Credit Insurance Is The Best For Small Business?”

Focused on quick, simple and affordable solutions that mitigate the receivables risk many small business owners face, Euler Hermes Canada is known for top notch service delivery. Here’s why Euler Hermes Canada credit insurance stands out:

It gives your business security. With credit insurance, your business is protected from unpaid invoices, which can be particularly challenging for small businesses. Your company may not have the capital nor the resources to recover if your customers fail to pay. Credit insurance makes sure you get paid even if your customers default. We forward you the money and take care of the debt collection.

It provides you with a reliable partner. Like many small businesses, you may not have significant resources to devote to credit management. We have the world’s most extensive knowledge of companies, sectors and economic trends​. This powerful information is only available to our clients and we help you use it to safely grow your business.

It is affordable. The cost of credit insurance is based on your turnover. It is a small percent of insured sales and depends on many variables, including trading history and historical debt loss of your company, your trade sector, and your customer base. When political risk coverage is included, the cost may be higher. The majority of businesses find trade credit insurance to be highly cost effective, even before taking into account the many additional benefits that include risk and credit management, bank financing, access to economic data, and ability to safely expand sales.”1

It is easy to manage. As a Euler Hermes policyholder, you have access to EOLIS, a real time “day-to-day secure online management solution for all you trade receivables management, wherever your clients and prospects are based.” 2 You can use it to submit credit limit requests and receive an immediate answer, helping you to move faster when market opportunities change. Thanks to EOLIS, you can better manage the overall risk in your portfolio, maximize new market opportunities and support business growth.3

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We are always looking out for the best for small business. To get a credit insurance quote from Euler Hermes Canada talk to one of our experienced insurance brokers today. We can help you evaluate your risks and select accounts receivable coverage that will respond in the event of credit insurance claim.

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