Landscape Lighting Designer Insurance

Landscape Lighting Designers are in demand

The demand for landscape designers is expected to grow over the next decade at least as Canadians put more and more energy and money into their home and business properties. This is a good outlook for Landscape Lighting Designers and the landscaping field in general. Your business is set to take off – do you have the insurance coverage you need to grow without worry?

Landscape Lighting Designer Insurance
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What types of insurance do Landscape Lighting Designers require?

There are a variety of reasons that Landscape Lighting Designers have to have insurance coverage, some of which are obvious and many that are not. As a designer, you are in charge of your client’s landscape lighting system and that can be a lot of responsibility. It could be a private garden or a large commercial project, such as a company’s headquarters, that you are hired to design and install. In any case, there are some specific coverages that apply to your sector. 

Commercial General Liability – this is basic coverage for small businesses to cover themselves from potential risk from the operation of their business. Bodily injury and property damage stemming from your business operations are covered under this policy, as well as any injury or damage arising out of your advertising. In addition, liability for bodily injury or property damage incurred by a merchant or manufacturer as a consequence of some defect in the product sold or manufactured – also known as Products Liability – is typically part of your general liability.

Commercial Property Insurance – this coverage protects your business property in the event of losses, including those from extended perils like fires, flooding and theft. 

Small Business Auto Insurance – protect your company vehicles and even your staff’s vehicles if used for business purposes with a Commercial Vehicle Insurance policy. Your ALIGNED broker can customize all policies to your business’ needs. 

Cyber Liability – this coverage is increasingly vital for small businesses, and covers your online property, including websites and any client data stored online. If you design lighting using an online tool, you need to protect your work and cyber-based assets with this coverage. 

Errors & Omissions – as a landscape lighting designer, your clients count on your educated recommendations and expert advice. Errors and omissions insurance enhances any business owner’s policy by safeguarding against catastrophic loss in the event of a lawsuit due to a negligent act, error or omission in the course of offering professional service to a third party for compensation.

Scenarios when you need insurance as a Landscape Lighting Designer 

  • You design lighting for one section of a commercial client’s property, but due to an oversight, your designer failed to design and install lighting for another section of the property where the client had requested it. Now the sidewalk connecting the two sections has to be ripped up again to allow for the additional lighting installation. The client sues your company to cover the additional cost. 
  • When your design for a client is being installed, it overloads the system and causes damage to other electrical components on her property. She sues you for the cost of repair. 
  • Your staff person uses a company vehicle to meet with a residential client. During the meeting, the client’s teenage son backs into your company vehicle, causing quite a bit of damage.  

Your Landscape Lighting Design business is unique to you and so are your insurance needs. 

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