Insurance For Shoe Stores In Canada

Insurance For Shoe Stores In Canada

Insurance for shoe stores in Canada is essential for every business owner to consider. Every business owner needs some form of insurance to protect their business. The types of insurance may be different between stores. The types of insurance for shoe stores that you should consider are based on the type of business you run.

StyleDemocracy Lists The 11 Best Online Canadian Shoe Stores To Shop.These stores allow customers to order shoes online, with return policies in place for customer satisfaction. The September made the list for its array of designer shoes. Prices start at $150 and shoppers expect high quality from brands like Jimmy Choo and Salvatore Ferragamo. An online store like The September has much different insurance needs than a brick-and-mortar store. Factory Shoe has four brick-and-mortar locations with prices available under $50.

Insurance for shoe stores in Canada like this is different given the location and the number of employees. Coverage may need to vary even between the four locations in order for the owners to have coverage for any risks that might come up.

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What Types Of Insurance Does A Shoe Store Need?

Businesses use Commercial General Liability Insurance to cover costs associated with injury or harm that comes to a customer. The store owner has coverage if a customer claims to have tripped over a pile of shoe boxes or twisted an ankle slipping on the floor. It’s this type of liability insurance that’s essential to any business in order to avoid legal costs from these types of claims. General liability insurance is something every store owner should consider. It’s especially important for brick and mortar stores to have.

Shoe stores in Canada need Product Liability Insurance in order to cover costs if products are defective or malfunctioning. Shoe stores, whether online or brick and mortar need product liability insurance. This is in case a customer is injured once they have the product at home. If a customer is injured because the glue on the sole of the shoe is faulty, you may be liable for potential damages. Your product liability insurance should match your sales numbers. That way, you have more substantial coverage if you have more products going home with people.

Brick and mortar shoe stores need Property Insurance to protect against in-store damages. Online stores may consider property insurance as well if you’d like to have your headquarters insured. This type of insurance is most commonly used to make weather damage claims. You want to be sure that your business won’t be held up if there’s a nasty weather event.

Every business owner should have Crime Insurance to cover costs associated with employee or customer crimes. This type of insurance for shoe stores in Canada is necessary for online and brick and mortar stores. If an employee steals a pair of shoes or a customer commits credit car fraud, your insurance company can help compensate for losses.

Why Should Shoe Stores Have Customized Insurance?

Your shoe store is not the same as any other retail store. When you customize your insurance, your insurance company acknowledges how many employees you have and the value of your stock. You want to make sure that your insurance coverage matches the products you offer and accounts for the risks that concern you most. If your store offers designer shoes, your insurance should be different than a discount brand.

For stores that mostly do online sales, insurance should be different than a brick and mortar store. Any store located in an area at a higher risk of weather damage or theft, should be insured differently as well. You can discuss all of these factors with an ALIGNED Insurance broker today by calling us toll-free at1-866-287-0448.

Where Do I Get Insurance For A Shoe Store In Canada?

You can buy insurance for your shoe store 100% online with us now! If you’d like to talk to a broker about customizing your insurance for a shoe store in Canada, you can contact ALIGNED Insurance. We search through the 65+ top insurance companies in Canada in order to find you the insurance package that suits your business. Instead of applying for multiple quotes with multiple insurance companies, let us do the searching for you! We’ll help you get the best insurance for a shoe store in Canada so that you can go back to running your business.

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