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Colour matching. Your customers expect a perfect match when they bring you the remnants of a near-empty can of a beloved hue. Or when they’re looking to achieve a perfect monochromatic dark grey aesthetic. They count on you and your paint store team to recommend products that best suit each room. As well as products that are eco-friendly and responsibly disposed of.

Our business insurance Canada clients expect precisely the same of us. They come to us with risks and they expect coverage that matches the exposures their business faces.

You want your insurance company to understand your specific paint store and it’s location. Some locations from the same store brand have different insurance needs. This may be based on environmental factors, or other surrounding businesses. Your location may include hardware and building supplies that also require coverage. In this case, your policy can extend to these products and services.

From Victoria, BC to St. John’s, NFLD, each paint store has a unique set of risks that should be considered when you are looking at business insurance Canada options. You don’t have to waste time searching through a list of insurance companies in Canada. We’re top insurance brokers in Canada because we excel at finding coverage options that precisely align with the specific risks your business faces.

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Buying insurance for a Canadian paint store?

What types of insurance does a paint store need?

It’s a good question. While insurance for paint stores is similar to other retail stores, the specific coverages will be different.

A. Start with CGL

As a starting point, paint store owners will need Commercial General Liability insurance for general liability coverage needs. You may hear this form of insurance referred to as “CGL” in the marketplace as well.

Your commercial general liability should include coverage for injury that could occur on the premises. Liability for small business Canada is an important starting point for your paint store. If a customer falls in your store and breaks their hip, you need your insurance to cover potential costs.

Related Matters: When we think of insurance we often think about decreasing risks to decrease need of insurance. In truth, there are some circumstances that we can’t see coming, even with the best intentions.

This is just one reason why the average business insurance cost Canada can vary so much. ALIGNED brokers know the marketplace and can get you coverage quotes form the best insurance companies in Canada.

B. Consider your product liability risks

When there’s a significant problem with a product you stock, your paint store faces a risk exposures.

This is why Product Liability Insurance is needed as part of your insurance for paint stores in Canada. Product liability coverage is meant to protect you against injury due to a product malfunction or defect. It’s important that you know that if a paint, stain or other product causes bodily harm to a customer, your store will be covered for any liability.

C. Property risk is essential

The bricks and mortar store where you conduct business is ground zero for property-related risks.

This is why Property insurance can provide coverage for environmental risk. If a flood damages your property, or a storm damages your premises, your coverage can protect you for the costs. Property insurance is the standard for brick and mortar retail stores because these types of risk are likely to occur at some point in your ownership.

D. Don’t forget crime

Theft happens. And when you least expect it. The source of theft can vary significantly. It could be a trusted employee of more than 30 years or it could be a customer who just walked in your door with a stolen credit card.

This is why Crime insurance will help mitigate losses from crimes committed at your store. This means that losses due to employee theft can be recuperated. It also means that theft or fraud by a customer can be covered by your insurance company.

We only work with top Canadian insurance companies. Our brokers know the marketplace. We’ll search the market and find you the best value and options in Toronto commercial insurance. We’re ALIGNED.

How do I get insurance for a paint store in Canada? Start by talking to top insurance brokers in Canada

Don’t waste time searching through a list of insurance companies in Canada. We’re top insurance brokers in Canada and know how to find coverage options that precisely align with the specific risks your small business faces.

You can get insurance for a paint store in Canada with us. Just use our online get a quote form to get started. Answer a few simple questions and that’s all we need to get the process started. If your store is currently uninsured, we can help you get choice and value quickly.

You can also contact ALIGNED Insurance in order to let us find you a customized policy for your paint store. You will fill out one set of documents to help us understand exactly how you run your business.

Our brokers will search through the best insurance companies in Canada to find a package that works best for your paint store(s).

Risks happen. We can help. Get paint store insurance now!

Small business insurance Canada 101 | Why customized coverage is so important…

You also need your insurance policy to take into account the level of risk to your location to make sure your insurance costs aren’t too high. This is why your paint store policy should take into account:

  • How many employees you have,
  • What your annual revenue will be, and
  • Other important information that may increase your risk of damage or lawsuit.

Contact an ALIGNED Insurance broker to complete this process one, simple time. Why search through multiple insurance companies, and fill out endless quote data when we can do the searching for you?

We’ll make sure your coverage keeps you protected for all the potential damages and liabilities that concern you. Let us find you the best insurance package so that you can know your paint store exposures are well-covered.

Small business insurance Canada? We help paint stores get covered

Did you know that there are more than 100 Sherwin-Williams locations in Canada? Even within that company, not every location is in need of the same coverage. Dulux Paints stores offer 1,700+ paint colours.

Any paint novice knows that not all of those paint products are created equally. Insurance for paint stores in Canada should take into account all aspects of your store and your insurance needs.

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