Insurance For Art Galleries In Canada

Insurance For Art Galleries In Canada

Insurance for art galleries in Canada varies based on the contents of the gallery and the services offered. At the Art Gallery of Ontario you can attend art workshops with food and drink, or learn to house dance at an evening special event. The AGO has expanded what it means to be an art gallery. Although there are still opportunities to walk the halls and look to the walls, there’s a lot more to see than the art itself.

This is why insurance for art galleries in Canada has to expand its understanding of what risks a gallery faces. An owner needs to be covered for all potential risks in order for the gallery to keep its doors open long-term. At ALIGNED Insurance we search through the 65+ top insurance companies in Canada to find you the insurance package that fits your gallery. It’s important that your insurance company is offering you full coverage at a reasonable price. We can help with that.

Here are some of the types of insurance an art gallery should have:

Property Insurance

Property Insurance is how your insurance company helps you protect the gallery itself and everything inside. The art needs to be insured in case there are damages during showing or storage, and so does the rest of your belongings. If your gallery has restoration equipment or items in a gift shop, those things should also have the same protections. This is the type of insurance that can help you pay for damages from storms or flooding. Your property insurance covers a lot of ground so that you can feel confident that your investment is safe.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is for liability claims that happen on-site. This might be as simple as a slip and fall, or perhaps an accident that happens at an event you’re hosting. No matter the cause of an accident, the legal costs can pile up quickly. Your liability insurance can help cover those legal costs so that you can keep your gallery running through these types of events.

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance is important for galleries that sell art. Whether it’s from the gift shop or a sale from the artist to the customer, when the gallery is involved, it must have proper coverage. This type of insurance covers the legal costs of liability claims if the product they take home injures the customer. It’s possible that a malfunctioning gift shop item, or an improperly processed paint used could injure a customer. Therefore product liability insurance can help protect your gallery during these claims.

Crime Insurance

Every business owner should consider crime insurance to mitigate losses from employee or customer crimes. If an employee is stealing from your storage facility, you need your insurance to help you cover any related costs. If you sell an artist’s work and the customer commits credit card fraud, you’ll need help recouping those costs.

Customized Insurance For Art Galleries

Your art gallery is not a retail store. Even though you may be helping local artists sell their work, it’s not the same as other stores. You want your insurance company to understand your business so you can maintain proper coverage. Insurance for art galleries in Canada should be based on the number of people you employ, the type of events your host, and your annual revenue. Your insurance should be customized to your gallery because you likely offer different services and events than other galleries.

Where Can You Find Insurance For Art Galleries?

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