Insurance For Glasses Stores In Canada

Insurance For Glasses Stores In Canada

Insurance for glasses stores in Canada is not near sighted. If it was, you’d find your store unprotected against potential accidents and liabilities that could happen at any time. Your insurance company can help you plan for the future of your business by ensuring that you have coverage for any risks your business faces. You’ll need to know what types of insurance you need for your specific store and where to get it. At ALIGNED Insurance we search through the 65+ top insurance companies in Canada to find the insurance package that works for you. It’s our mission to find you the best insurance, so you can rest easy and grow your business.

These days, glasses stores can do more than just help their customers see better. At, they’ve paired with Essilor Vision Foundation in order to give over 400,000 pairs of glasses to people in need in 2017. It’s not just the customers of their business who walk away happy, but also those less fortunate who are helped through the gift of sight. It’s businesses like this that make insurance for glasses stores in Canada so essential. With so much good to be done in the world, we can help make sure that the business continues to thrive.

Here are the types of insurance for glasses stores in Canada you’ll need to consider:

Property Insurance

All brick and mortar stores use property insurance to cover costs of weather or accident related damages. Your insurance company can help you pay for flooding or storm damages. You can also get help if someone causes damage to your store. For example: if a neighboring business damages the structure of your building with one of their fleet vehicles. Property insurance is important for your business because you need to know that you can continue to run your business through these situations.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

General Liability insurance is an important consideration for any business. This type of insurance is used when a customer claims they’ve been injured on your premises. This could mean they slipped on ice outside your store or they experienced an accident while browsing your inventory. The bottom line is that if someone claims they’ve been injured, you’ll likely be seeing high legal costs coming your way. Your insurance company can help you pay for these unexpected costs so that a lawsuit doesn’t interrupt the growth of your business.

Product Liability Insurance

If a customer goes home with a product from your store and they experience an injury, you may be liable. This is another situation where unexpected legal costs could disrupt your business. With this type of insurance for glasses store in Canada, you can rest easy knowing that an unforeseen accident won’t halt your business.

Crime Insurance

You’ll want to consider getting crime insurance in order to mitigate losses from customer or employee crimes. As a business owner, you try to hire the best people, but sometimes a bad egg turns into a loss for your business. If an employee steals from you or a customer commits credit card fraud, your insurance company can help.

Customized Insurance For Glasses Stores In Canada

Why would you need customized insurance? Your store is not the same as other retail stores. You have different inventory, different customers, and you likely work with other factors like people’s benefits packages or charity work. Your insurance company is there to protect you against the risks that face your business. The only way this can be truly effective is if your insurance is customized to your store. This means that your insurance can take into account:

  • If your location is at a higher risk of weather related damages.
  • If you sell high-end glass wear as opposed to discount products.
  • If you have multiple employees and a high-traffic store.

Where Do You Get Insurance For Glasses Stores In Canada?

You can get insurance right away with ALIGNED Insurance Online Products. It takes just a few clicks to get your insurance. If you’d like to talk to an ALIGNED Insurance broker about getting customized insurance, call us at tel:18662870448. We want to make sure that you get the insurance your business needs without the hassle of filing for multiple quotes with different insurance companies. Let us do the work for you so you can focus on running your business.

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