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Where Can I Get Grocery Retail Store Insurance Online In Canada?

Where Can I Get Grocery Retail Store Insurance Online In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Coverage Insights | 3 features to look for when buying grocery store retail insurance online

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Slip, trip and fall. Three words that no retailer ever wants to hear. And, if you run a grocery retail outlet, you know that your produce section needs to be constantly monitored. That’s because a few slippery squished grapes or tomatoes on a tile floor can quickly escalate into a very serious situation.

If you own or manage a grocery store, you and your team are constantly on the outlook for things that might go wrong. A child accidentally drops a jar of pickles in an aisle. Ice builds up on entryway sidewalks and poses a serious hazard for the employees who are in charge of rotating grocery carts. E. coli infections linked to certain brands of romaine lettuce leave your produce manager scrambling to dispose of unsellable perishable goods, answer consumer questions and source new suppliers.

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Operating a retail store in Canada comes with risks. Training your staff to manage risks is just the starting point of managing risk within a grocery store or any type of retail outlet. That’s why we wrote this article about some of the features to look for when buying grocery retail store insurance online for your business.

Feature #1 | All the right ingredients for grocery store retail risk

If you are in the market to renew your grocery store retail insurance you probably have a long check list of specific coverages. You’ve landed on the right page because we help Canadian retail stores connect with better insurance options every day. We offer a simple, online experience so that you can click and get your retail insurance online.

Some of the standard coverages for Canadian grocery retail stores may include:

As a Canadian grocery retailer, you manage employees, stock, property, online assets, merchandizing, deliveries and much more.

We know you have a lot on your plate and that’s why we created a simple and straight-forward solution for you to get online insurance for a grocery retail store with ALIGNED.

Delivering all the right ingredients for retail risk is one of the most important things that we do to provide value to our grocery and retail customers.

Feature #2 | 365. Online grocery retail store insurance pricing, quoting & policy

Just three simple questions kick off our user-friendly online app. Each of these questions help us narrow down what’s most important for your grocery retail store. They are:

  • What date you would like the coverage to take effect?
  • How much coverage would you like for your stock?
  • How much coverage would you like for your equipment or any tenant’s improvements?

Once you input your responses, our secure online quoting system will provide you with an instant quote. In the full quote details section, you’ll get specific details about all included coverages and limits. Your quote will outline the cost of your annual policy, taxes and fees as well as total overall cost.

Provide a few additional details about your business and you can buy your retail insurance policy online right away.

ALIGNMENT Matters: If you have any questions about the retail outlet insurance app, please give us a call. Our ALIGNED Insurance brokers are available to answer your questions every Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm EST. Reach us toll-free at 1-866-287-0448.

Feature #3 | Business only. Why grocery stores and retailers rely on ALIGNED Insurance brokers.

Since day one, it’s been our mission to deliver different kind of insurance brokerage experience to our clients. President and CEO Andrew Clark launched ALIGNED because he wanted to deliver a different kind of insurance broker experience to Canadian businesses. In a recent issue of ALIGNMENT Matters, Andrew notes, “In 2014, I launched ALIGNED because I wanted to deliver a different kind of insurance experience to Canadian businesses. My focus was and is on building a better brokerage.”

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Similar to traditional retailing, the insurance industry works to deliver products and services that meet the specific needs of consumers. Business insurance products range from basic commercial general liability to speciality, such as product recall as well as everywhere in between. Ultimately, the insurance industry connects individuals and businesses alike with peace of mind. The team at ALIGNED is proud to help Canadian businesses get aligned with better insurance options.

Bonus | We know how to get Canadian retail outlets aligned with the best insurance options

Across the country, our team of experienced insurance brokers understand retailing and can help you manage your retail risks with the best insurance products and solutions. Whether you sell frozen food, produce, confectionary, bakery goods, building materials, gas, antiques, fabrics, electronics, glasses, second hand furniture or countless other consumer products, you can buy retail insurance online with us.

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