Indoor Playground Insurance

An indoor playground is a popular place for kids and adults alike, especially in a country like Canada during the long winter months. Even in the summer, many parents are looking to escape the heat, and there are always birthdays, play dates etc. that most likely keep your business busy at most times of the year.

Indoor Playground Insurance
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The right insurance coverage for your indoor playground 

Your indoor playground may include a variety of different attractions including ball pits, slides, climbing structures, video games and even indoor games such as laser tag, batting cages, bumper cars or bowling. Regardless of what fun features it has, your indoor playground business can be in jeopardy if you don’t have the right insurance coverage to guard against things that can go wrong.

What are the risks associated with an indoor playground? 

Entertaining families in the way you do at your indoor playground comes with a variety of inherent risks. Despite every precaution, children of any age could be injured while playing on your equipment and you need to be prepared to protect your business if those injuries result in a lawsuit. In addition to the increased risk of injuries that comes from operating an indoor playground  there are also many other typical small business owner risks that are inherent in running any business that is open to the public.

The right indoor playground insurance package will cover your business from many potential threats. What are some scenarios that could occur that would necessitate insurance coverage?

  1. Two children collide while playing laser tag, causing significant injury to one child. She needs dental surgery, and her parents seek damages from your indoor playground to cover medical costs, pain and suffering.
  1. Your bowling alley lanes are damaged and unusable as result of sewer back following heavy rains and are out of commission for several weeks, causing you to lose revenue from several birthday parties that cancelled due to their unavailability.
  1. Your staff is transporting a new piece of equipment to your indoor playground but are involved in a car accident on the way that results in damage to the items and injuries to a third parties suffer serious injuries as a result of the accident. You have to replace the equipment and defend the lawsuit brought against you for the injuries.

The best in indoor playground insurance coverage 

The following are coverages to consider for your indoor playground business:

Commercial General Liability insurance will guard against bodily injury or property damage that may occur during the course of your business activities.

Property and Content Insurance is essential to cover your business property up to its replacement value, including equipment and machinery, should the unexpected occur.

Small Business Auto Insurance will protect your company vehicles and the company from liability for third party injuries in the event you or your staff are involved in a collision.  

Umbrella Liability Insurance is a good coverage option for an indoor playground. This insurance comes into play when regular liability limits are reached. It is ideal to guard against catastrophic events that you cannot expect or predict like a back or spinal injury.

Other coverages to consider including in your Indoor Playground Insurance coverage are Cyber Liability Insurance to protect your online assets against cyber exposures, and Crime Insurance in the event that your business is a target for theft such as credit card fraud.

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