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Trampoline Park Insurance In Canada

Trampoline Park Insurance In Canada

Trampoline Park Insurance In Canada

Sadly over the past few years there have been some serious injuries that have occurred at a few trampoline parks in Canada. In addition, recent media reports and coverage have framed trampoline parks as unsafe. There is no denying their is a some risk of injury associated with being a jumper at a trampoline park, but there is also an unbelievable amount of joy and good old fashion fun that comes from jumping on a trampoline too. Despite the known risks many people still love to attend trampoline parks and like in all recreational activities there is a significant degree of voluntarily assuming risk that jumpers accept by signing waivers and choosing to participate. Trampoline park owners and operators also owe a duty of care to their customers and there are many excellent trampoline parks across Canada that take safety, employee training and jumper education very seriously. Trampoline park owners and their staff all try to do everything they can to prevent injuries and accidents from occurring, but unfortunately they can still occur. Many incidents and injuries are minor, but when serious injuries do occur trampoline park owners need the best trampoline park insurance in Canada to protect their organization.

How Does Trampoline Park Insurance In Canada Work?

Canada operates primarily under a common law system with the exception of Quebec which operates using civil law. As a result trampoline park owners owe a duty of care to their customers. Unfortunately when injuries occur sometimes the injured parties will allege the duty owed was breached and that the damages were incurred as a result of the trampoline park owners, or it’s employees negligence. This typically comes in the form of a statement of claim filed by a lawyer against the legal entity that owes and operates the trampoline park. If and when this occurs it triggers a formal claim under an owners trampoline park insurance in Canada. If a claim occurs providers of trampoline park insurance in Canada pay for the defence costs associated with investigating and defending claims and allegations made. If claim is determined to be valid trampoline park insurance in Canada will also pay the injured party the settlement or judgement amount too, subject to a deductible which is paid by the trampoline park owner.

How Do I Get Trampoline Park Insurance In Canada?

Given the high risk nature of trampoline parks very few Canadian insurance companies are willing to offer trampoline park insurance in Canada. However, the expert insurance brokers at the award winning commercial insurance brokerage ALIGNED Insurance specialize in working with organizations that operate in medium and high risk areas. ALIGNED Insurance has been working with trampoline parks since the first one opened in Canada and has many trampoline parks across the country. ALIGNED has consistently secured the best trampoline park insurance in Canada due to it’s focus on helping trampoline park owners establish and constantly improve their policies, procedures, best practices and risk management.

ALIGNED Insurance brokers work with their clients to understand the nuances and subtleties of their clients business and operations to ensure they get the best possible trampoline park insurance in Canada. When helping to secure the best trampoline park insurance in Canada ALIGNED typically collects and reviews all or some of the following is provided:

  • A fully completed trampoline park insurance application based on the projected operations for each park for the next 12 months.
  • Copy of the loss/claims history from your previous insurer(s)for their time on risk
  • Copies of waivers for review.
  • Confirmation of waiver retention process and the time period waivers are stored for.
  • Description of your client/jumper journey from park entry to waiver completion, training and safety videos or orientations etc.
  • Copies of all employee training materials
  • Copies or picture of all warning/danger signage posted around the park

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