Where Can I Get Vape Shop Insurance in Canada?

Where Can I Get Vape Shop Insurance in Canada?

There are few more controversial new trends in popular culture today than the rapid emergence and growth of vaping. The trend has captured the attention of people across the political spectrum and around the world, as supporters and critics alike examine how vaping affects an individual’s health and the health of those around them. The matter is particularly hot given the popularity of vaping and e-cigarettes among teenagers.

This has resulted in several pressing questions on the matter, including:

  • Is vaping safer than smoking cigarettes?
  • Is vaping helpful for smokers trying to quit smoking cigarettes?
  • Is secondhand vaping smoke dangerous to those in the vicinity of someone vaping?
  • How should vaping be regulated?
  • How should vaping companies be treated under the law?

Protecting a vape shop with business insurance coverage

These questions are all relevant to a discussion of how vape store owners and operators protect their business against risk. While the rapid rise of vaping offers significant opportunities for entrepreneurs, it’s also important that anyone looking to capitalize on this soaring market take the time to secure effective and sufficient insurance for running this type of business.

Coverage in this area is particularly important if the business in question produces vaping materials – including equipment and fluid – in addition to selling it to consumers. ALIGNED Insurance and it’s expert commercial insurance brokers are here to help an the question “where can I get vape shop insurance in Canada?”.

Why is insurance coverage for a vaping business important?

Business insurance is important for any retail or manufacturing operation, particularly those that interact with the public on a daily basis. However, it’s especially important in an emerging industry where new legislation and regulations may directly impact how a business operates.

Additionally, business insurance protection is important for a vaping shop because these kinds of operations often involve the use of unique equipment, high valued, but physical small and light inventory and consumable products which create a significant product liability risk.

What insurance coverage do you need for a vaping business?

In most cases, basic coverage will include:

  • Protection for commercial buildings and their contents
  • Retail of fluids, such as ‘e-juice’
  • Coverage of key equipment materials, such as a boiler used in the production of fluids
  • Coverage of high-value smoking materials, including pipes, pottery, pens, etc.
  • Comprehensive general liability, typically up to $2 million

Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance extensions are also available to vape store owners who wanted added insurance protection for their business.

These CGL extensions include:

  • Legal liability coverage for any tenants on business operations premises
  • Coverage for sudden or accidental pollution of land or waterways
  • Payments associated with a medical emergency
  • Liability for employee benefits
  • Liability for personal and advertising matters
  • Liability for employment practice issues
  • Coverage in case of a product recall
  • Comprehensive coverage of vehicles used for work purposes

So…Where Can I Get Vape Shop Insurance In Canada?

If you’re an entrepreneur interested in starting a vaping business, it’s important to be clear about the insurance coverage your operation needs prior to moving ahead. Contact ALIGNED Insurance Inc. to learn more about the various coverage options that can be tailored to your specific insurance needs or click here to get vape shop insurance in Canada now!

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