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How Much Is Insurance For A Family Fun Centre In Canada?

Opening and operating a family fun centre can be an exciting, fun and rewarding time.  However, there is a lot to think about and plan for as operating a family fun centre comes with risks and challenges too.  Thankfully the experienced team of business insurance brokerage at the top Canadian insurance brokerage ALIGNED Insurance can help you manage the risks of running a family fun centre and help answer questions like how much is insurance for a family fun centre in Canada?

Family Fun Centre Insurance
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Why is family fun centre Insurance Important? 

It is difficult to anticipate all the risks that are associated with running a successful Family Fun Centre. The right insurance package is essential to cover the hazards that threaten your particular operation. It is vital to carry the proper coverage for your Family Fun Centre, as many small businesses can be drained by a large claim and associated damage and court costs. Family Fun Centre Insurance is necessary to protect your business – and your investment. 

Will Insurance Protect My Business from Everything? 

While it would be nice to have a one-size fits all solution to all of life’s problems, we rarely have that option, and insurance is no different. But insurance experts like the ones at ALIGNED can anticipate a wide array of risks and provide coverage for them. Informed insurance advisors will advise clients to have additional coverage in risk areas as part of their insurance portfolio. For example, Umbrella Insurance Coverage is a useful tool for businesses such as Family Fun Centres. It will cover claims that exceed a regular policy in the event of an unpredictable and catastrophic incident. Often, insurance agents will advise clients to purchase additional insurance coverage if they have commercial vehicles or specialized equipment essential to their business. A standard liability policy does not cover these items. 

Also, acts of fraud are not covered by a regular policy, but theft can be covered by additional property insurance coverage. 

What Activities Can Insurance For A Family Fun Centre Cover?

Every family fun centre is different, and as such, insurance for a family fun centre needs to be customized to meet the specific activities within the facility.  Ultimately, the type of activities and amount of projected revenue has a large impact on how much is insurance for a family fun centre, but insurance for a family fun centre can cover pretty much any/all activities including:

  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Mini putt, golf simulators & driving ranges
  • Kids and adult slides
  • Bouncy structures
  • Ball & foam pits
  • Arcades
  • Batting cages
  • Billiards
  • Bumper cares or bumper boats
  • Go karts
  • Amusement rides
  • Splash pads, pools & water slides
  • Other

How much is liability insurance for a fun centre? 

The cost of liability for a family fun centre will vary based on a few factors. Some work is done to establish the risk associated with the fun centre business and will take into account the specifics of a particular business. Some of the unique factors assessed include the value and replacement cost of rides, equipment and structures, projected annual revenues, the size of the park itself, and the estimated number of annual customers. Each family fun centre is a unique experience for its guests. Similarly, each will have different risk factors. These will help determine the cost of insurance coverage. ALIGNED Insurance commercial brokers consider the information submitted before developing a detailed quote. 

What Factors Determine How Much Is Insurance For A Family Fun Centre In Canada?

Like most business insurance policies the pricing is based on a number of factors including actuarial modeling done behinds the scenes, but the following is a list of factors that go in to determining how much is insurance for a family fun centre in Canada?

  • Projected annual revenue
  • Types of activities offered
  • Square footage of facility
  • Replacement cost of all installed structures, equipment, rides etc.
  • Projected annual attendees/particpants
  • Other

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