Is builders risk required in Canada?

Builders risk – what’s required?

Construction risks happen. And that’s why there’s a specific product built to meet on the job risks.

Builders risk insurance Canada is designed to cover property during the construction period. This period can include renovation and repair. Builders risk coverage is typically is purchased by either property owners or general contractors.

DYK? Most Canadian commercial property policies exclude or null and void coverage if major renovations or construction to a building is above a certain threshold and not fully/properly disclosed to the current property insurance companies.


There are additional risks and responsibilities inherent in construction, renovation and/or repair work that a typical property policy is not designed or priced to cover.  

This is why all parties that have property involved in a project should be named in the insurance policy. Parties may include the owner, contractor, subcontractors, the financial institution funding the project and, in some cases, the architects and engineers too.

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How much will builders risk cost?

There isn’t a simple answer to this question. The cost of insurance is determined by many things. Including:

  • Geography
  • Replacement cost value of the project
  • Construction timeline
  • Site security, fencing, proximity to fire hydrants and/or stations etc.

Here’s some builders risk insurance coverage highlights

  • Broad Form Coverage
  • Flood & Earthquake Available
  • Adjustable Policies For Larger Project

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