Detox Treatment Facility Insurance

Detox Treatment Facility Insurance

Malpractice. For medical professionals, the accusation alone is one of your more pressing concerns. That concern is amplified for doctors and staff working at detox and rehab treatment facilities. For patients suffering from alcohol addiction and substance abuse, the accusation is far too easy to make and that accusation alone, with or without merit, can cost thousands of dollars to refute. Detox and rehab treatment center insurance provides you with the resources to defend your reputation. 

Medical Malpractice Coverage for Detox Treatment Facilities

As part of a detox facility  and rehab center insurance plan, medical malpractice insurance can cover the costs of litigation including:

  • lawyer’s fees
  • legal defence costs
  • out-of-court settlements
  • awards for damages

We provide you with the option to have your coverage available on a per occurrence or claims-made basis.

A quick summary of these two modalities:

  • Per Occurrence can cover you for events that took place while you were insured even after the policy has ended
  • Claims-made coverage is retroactive only to the earliest date continuous coverage was purchased and needs to be renewed or put into runoff claims that become know during to be covered.

Claims-made coverage is generally more cost-effective in the short-term and may require prior acts or tail coverage if you’re taking over another detox facilities or are considering retirement in the near future.

For more detailed information on our malpractice coverage, visit our Medical Malpractice Insurance For Medical Professionals In Canada page.

Other Important Coverages for Detox Treatment Centers

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The business and liability risks for detox treatment facilities include personal injury claims, privacy and cyber liability and potential damage to facilities due to natural disaster.

The following coverages are recommended for detox facilities and rehabilitation centers to protect them from those risks. 

Commercial General Liability Insurance – This type of insurance coverage is standard for all businesses and medical centres/facilities of all types. Similar to malpractice coverage, CGL can also provide legal defence and award coverage. A CGL insurance policy responds when claims of personal injury, property damage, false advertising and libel & slander are made against your detox facility and rehabilitation center. 

Umbrella Liability Insurance – Umbrella liability provides coverage for costs of a claim that exceed underlying policy limits and is generally included in medical practice insurance packages due to the size of claims and awards common in this field.

Commercial Property Insurance – Coverage for physical structures and medical and business equipment for destruction or damage caused by sewage backups, fires, flooding, windstorms and other perils. Recommended extensions include Extra Expense coverage for the added costs to move and establish a temporary detox and rehabilitation center.

Cyber Liability & Privacy Insurance – Cyber insurance can provide coverage for third-party losses, ransomware demands, data and systems restoration and more.

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