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Liberty Cross Border Solutions | Insurance Companies In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance brokers
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Looking for cross border business insurance during COVID-19?

We can help. That is to say, aligning insurance solutions is what we do. The pandemic continues to change everything. People and businesses alike are pivoting. And Canadian businesses with established U.S. operations are adapting to new and changing government rules and regulations.

For cross border businesses, one of the most obvious and challenging changes is the continuing closure of the Canada-U.S. border. A closure that is nothing short of unprecedented.

However, the good news is there is some light on the horizon. A recent Global News article highlights how even during the darkest days of the pandemic, plans to reopen the border are advancing.

For instance:

“Former Quebec premier Jean Charest will be using his diplomatic skills once again to map out a plan and help lawmakers decide how to re-open the Canada-U.S. border.

Charest along with two former state governors and Anne McLellan, the former deputy prime minister, are scheduled to make recommendations to the two national governments by March 2021.”1

“The border has remained closed to all non-essential travel since March – the longest closure in the history of the two countries — and, for now, it’s scheduled to remain closed until Dec. 21.”2

While the essential trucking industry is keeping goods moving across the border during this closure, businesses on both sides of the border are looking ahead. We understand that the new normal is changing how you operate. Especially if you have operations in Canada as well as the United States.

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Every day, our team of insurance brokers find solutions that work for our more than 1,700 clients across Canada. Focused on property and casualty marketplace, we work exclusively for commercial clients. Over the years, we’ve built strong relationships with more than 65 of the top insurance companies in Canada. This means that we have the connections to deliver the best possible insurance solutions to our clients.

Liberty Mutual Canada is one of the many top insurance companies that we are proud to work with. Uniquely within the Canadian marketplace, the Liberty Cross Border solutions provide the specific coverage that businesses with cross border operations need right now.

To get connected with Liberty Cross Border solutions for your business, contact one of our insurance brokers now.

And to learn more about how Liberty Mutual Canada’s cross border solutions are supporting the insurance needs of Canadian businesses during these unprecedented times…keep reading…

Business Insurance Canada - Liberty Cross Border Solutions - ALIGNED Insurance brokers

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Specialization counts. What sets Liberty Cross Border Insurance Solutions apart…

General versus specific. When things are going well, being a generalist can be a great choice. However, when things aren’t going as well, being a specialist can be the one thing that sets you apart from others. The same thing goes for the insurance companies you do business with.

That is to say finding an insurance company that specializes in cross border insurance is important. As business insurance specialists we intuitively understand this. Therefore, we are proud to work with Liberty Mutual Canada to deliver cross border insurance solutions during these unprecedented times.

Liberty Mutual Canada provides some important context about why their cross border solutions provide a specialized option in the marketplace.

For example:

Cross-border solutions are the foundation on what Liberty Mutual Canada is built upon. Unlike provincial borders, regulatory and admitted requirements vary significantly state by state, making technical expertise as well as regulatory knowledge of the utmost importance when managing risk placement.

For nearly three decades, Canadian companies with U.S. subsidiaries have been able to rely on our local underwriters in Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver to protect their businesses.”3 Navigating cross-border solutions? Why Canadian businesses keep choosing Liberty Mutual Canada

More specifically, what sets Liberty’s cross border solution apart is the work that the organization’s teams are doing every day during the pandemic.

For instance:

“Our teams deal with U.S. exposed risk on a daily basis. When the Canada/U.S. border closed, our underwriters and staff already understood the nuances of navigating provincial and state regulations and were able to quickly respond to questions and concerns. And with changing government guidelines and restrictions on both sides of the border, our nimble Canadian team is uniquely positioned to deliver forward-looking solutions because of our ongoing partnership with Liberty Mutual in the U.S.”4

When you are looking for cross border insurance solutions, experience counts. That is to say, it matters who you decide to align with. Certainly it is important to work with insurance companies that deliver specialized solutions for your cross border coverage needs.

We are confident that Liberty Mutual Canada delivers cross border solutions are are unique within the Canadian marketplace.

Contact us to learn more about getting your cross border insurance coverage aligned now.

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Worried about U.S. lawsuits? Get cross border coverage from Liberty that responds…

The new normal is constantly changing. In other words, as we’re all adapting, we’re also experiencing new risk exposures. One of the most challenging situations for any business is a lawsuit. And, even more so if that lawsuit is happening in a different country.

“…U.S. jurors have more sympathy for injured plaintiffs and there is a greater focus on punishing offending companies. New and changing liability exposures mean that damages awarded in U.S. lawsuits are at an all-time high. For example:

  • $81M awarded for injuries suffered during a shooting at a store parking lot – Georgia, 2019*
  • $101M awarded for injuries suffered as a result of impact from a truck driver under the influence – Texas, 2018**
  • $115M awarded for injuries suffered during an airport shelter collapse – Illinois, 2018***

Escalating verdicts, litigation funding, and traumatic brain injury are just three reasons why the cost of claims are going up.”5

Business Insurance Canada - Liberty Cross Border Solutions - ALIGNED Insurance brokers

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These are all red flags for any company with cross border operations. In addition, Liberty Mutual Canada notes:

“Along with the staggering expense of legal decisions, liability risks are more complex than ever. Canadian companies with a physical presence in the U.S. are also becoming increasingly exposed to violent events, technology risks, and the subtle new exposures of the sharing economy.

Working with U.S. exposed risks every day, we are experts at helping businesses navigate the constantly changing liability landscape.”6 Navigating cross-border solutions? Why Canadian businesses keep choosing Liberty Mutual Canada

Suffice it to say, if you are looking for a made-in-Canada solution for your cross border risks, let’s talk.

With National Operations in Cambridge, Ontario and offices in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, we are proud to deliver the best solutions to our thousands of clients across Canada.

If you are looking for cross border business insurance during COVID-19 we can help.

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COVID-19 and cross border risk exposures

Throughout COVID-19, we are monitoring how Canadian businesses are changing and adapting to new and uncertain circumstances. On our dedicated COVID-19 Info page, you can find a wide range of information. 

For example:

Business Insurance Canada - Liberty Cross Border Solutions - ALIGNED Insurance brokers

Source(s): 1,2 Former Quebec premier joins task force to look into border re-opening ; 3,4,5,6 Navigating cross-border solutions? Why Canadian businesses keep choosing Liberty Mutual Canada ;

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