CrossFit Gym Insurance

CrossFit Gym Insurance

With a new and different WOD every day, finding the right coaches and running the business side of your CrossFit gym, having a risk management strategy, and being insured may not be top-of-mind. But there’s a reason CrossFit requires their American affiliates to carry insurance, name them as an additional insured, and recommends that Canadian and other CrossFit affiliates carry insurance – with high-intensity, high-impact workouts, injuries are unavoidable, which means the potential for lawsuits.

Even with detailed waivers and rigorous health screening questionnaires, your CrossFit gym isn’t protected or immune from a possible litigation. CrossFit Gym insurance packaged by the commercial insurance specialists at ALIGNED is tailored to your specific needs, is a crucial piece of your risk management plan, and can help you accomplish your business goals and avoid damages to your fitness facilities brand.

Liability Risks Faced by CrossFit Gyms

CrossFit Gym Insurance
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You’ve worked hard to find and lease a space, purchase weights, kettlebells, and equipment and become a CrossFit certified affiliate. In the blink of an eye, everything you’ve worked so hard to build up can be taken from you. Consider the following scenarios:

  • A client drops a kettlebell on their foot, breaking a toe.
  • Water or sweat on the floor causes a member to slip, tear an ACL and lose wages because of missed work.
  • The owner of a rival CrossFit box or gym claims that one of your trainers has been badmouthing their facility and sues you for slander.
  • A client pulls a hamstring because they didn’t stretch before a workout and sues your CrossFit gym claiming the reason for the injury was that your coach pushed them too hard. 

The above are just a few examples of situations where, rightly or wrongly, you could end up having to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and/or defend a lawsuit. With the right CrossFit gym insurance package, you can be protected from having to pay:

  • Medical bills and lost wages
  • Costs for property damage
  • Lawyer’s fees and defense costs to answer a lawsuit
  • Out of court settlements
  • Judgments and awards for damages

Remember that an unsatisfied client or a competitor can file a frivolous claim against you, forcing you to hire a lawyer and go to court to defend your business and clear your name.

CrossFit Gym Insurance Coverages

These are some of the coverages recommended for CrossFit gyms:

Commercial General Liability Insurance. Optional coverage for abuse liability is also available.

Professional Liability Insurance 

Property Insurance 

Event Liability Insurance 

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