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Boxing Gym Insurance

Boxing Gym Insurance
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Boxing is an artful sport that mixes speed, power, and endurance. But as the owner of a boxing gym club, you know that the training alone can be brutal and cause injuries – before anyone even laces up the gloves and starts sparring or boxing. So let me give you some advice to avoid any risk of injury to your brand.

ALIGNED boxing gym insurance can cover you, your coaches, and affiliates for injuries that take place at your gym and all the other risks that come with running a business.

How Boxing Gym Insurance Can Protect You from Work-Related Injury

With intense training and hand-to-hand combat, injuries are unavoidable. Boxing gym insurance can protect you from having to pay for any of these situations:

  • Medical bills and lost wages
  • Costs for property damage
  • Lawyer’s fees and defense costs to defend a lawsuit
  • Out of court settlements
  • Judgments and awards for damages

Keep in mind that even if you, your fitness instructors, or affiliates haven’t done anything wrong, you could still be served with a lawsuit claiming an injury, concussions, or any property damage, forcing you to pay numerous legal expenses.

Boxing Gym Type of Insurance Coverages

These are some of the coverages recommended for boxing gyms:

Commercial General Liability Insurance provides you with coverage for lawsuits alleging property damage, false advertising, libel/slander, and personal injuries that take place at your boxing gym that are not the result of a coach or trainer (see Professional Liability below). Optional coverage for abuse liability is also available and recommended for training professionals.

Property Insurance covers your gym and equipment (boxing ring, weights, kettlebells, machines, etc.) from perils such as fires, floods, vandalism, theft, and more.

Event Liability Insurance is needed for any boxing events hosted by your gym. 

Product Liability Coverage can protect your boxing gym if you sell boxing gear or supplements. If, for example, clients experience skin rashes from the gear you sold them or the supplements sold at your boxing gym cause clients to become ill, you could be facing legal liability. Even if those products were purchased from a manufacturer or supplier, they may not fully protect you in a lawsuit and even if you are eventually cleared of claim, the costs to defend your gym could very well end up costing you your gym. 

Protect your boxing gym by getting ALIGNED with boxing gym insurance packaged by commercial insurance specialists.

Boxing Gym Insurance
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We don’t deal in home insurance and personal car insurance; insuring businesses is all we do. But our brokers are not just commercial insurance specialists, we’re advocates who work for you. Our job is to protect your boxing gym by getting you the coverage you need from Canada’s top insurance companies at rates you can afford. 

Contact an ALIGNED advocate to get a free quote on boxing gym insurance in minutes or get started right away by using our free online tool.

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