Winter Tire Discount On Insurance

Winter Tire Discount On Insurance Now In Effect Across Ontario

Winter and the new year are here. Whether you commute to work in your personal vehicle or travel regularly for business in a corporate car, knowing that your vehicle is prepared for snow and ice is important. For Ontario drivers, the new winter tire discount took effect on January 1st.

Drive With Confidence. Save With New Winter Tire Discount.

Some of the top tips for safe winter driving from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) include carrying a charged cell phone and an emergency kit. IBC notes that drivers should install four winter tires, inspect these and during cold weather, check tire pressure at least once a month. In fact, IBC notes, “winter tires allow you to stop up to 40% sooner than all-season tires and significantly improve your vehicle’s handling in winter weather”. 1

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Ontario’s New Winter Tire Discount On Insurance

Across the province of Ontario, a new winter tire discount took effect on January 1, 2016. To confirm that winter tires are installed, the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) notes that some form of documentation may be requested from insurance buyers such as:

  • A photo of winter tires on the vehicle
  • A purchase receipt for the tires
  • A purchase receipt for installation
  • Documentation validating verbal confirmation”2 that you have winter tires on your vehicle

According to IBAO, while each insurance company determines their own discount, the ranges are from 2% to 5%.3

Ask An ALIGNED Advocates About A Winter Tire Discount
Regardless of where your business is located, for more information about coverage options and savings like the new winter tire discount for your business vehicles or fleet, an ALIGNED advocate can provide expert advice.

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