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Courtney Tran Is Proud To Be An ALIGNED Assistant Advocate

Welcoming ALIGNED Assistant Advocate Courtney Tran - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

About Us | Why Courtney Tran is proud to be an ALIGNED Assistant Advocate

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ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

We’re different. That is to say, our exclusive focus on business insurance sets us apart. Certainly, being different is just one of the many reasons why Canadian insurance professionals decide to join the ALIGNED team.

Above all, we’re always proud to welcome new members to our team and share their story. Most importantly, our About Us features are just one example of our commitment to connecting with our community. In the same vein, many of us are sharing useful business insurance content on social media every day.

Being different is a point of pride for every ALIGNED insurance broker and Advocate. And it’s because our founder, president & CEO Andrew Clark wants to deliver different kind insurance broker experience to Canadian business.

Since day one, we’ve taken pride in 18 things that we do differently for our clients. Ultimately, what gives us the most pride is delivering the best solutions and more value to every Canadian business that we support.

Courtney Tran recently joined our growing team. Courtney is an Assistant Advocate and reports to Darcy Franko-Felice. She works closely with ALIGNED colleagues across Canada. 

Welcoming ALIGNED Assistant Advocate Courtney Tran - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Courtney is proud to be part of the ALIGNED Insurance team. In her own words, here’s what Courtney has to say about ALIGNED. 

Q. Why did you join ALIGNED?

Courtney: I was looking for a career change after working in hospitality for over ten years. Therefore, I wanted to find a profession that allowed me to continue to work helping people but also challenged me.

I have enjoyed my first few weeks at ALIGNED and cannot wait to see how I grow from here. I really feel the possibilities are endless in this new career direction I’ve been fortunate enough to take. The team has been so welcoming and helpful in my training. Most importantly, I’m excited to continue my learning.

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Q. How did you first hear about ALIGNED?

Courtney: I saw the job posting on Indeed. After doing a bit of research on LinkedIn and the ALIGNED website, I had a feeling that this company was one I wanted to work for based on what it stands for.

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Q. In your opinion, what sets ALIGNED Insurance apart?

Courtney: It’s definitely our team that sets ALIGNED apart. That is to say, everyone is dedicated and passionate about giving our clients the best experience they can.

Q. Why did you choose an insurance career?

Courtney: I actually fell into it. When I was looking for a new direction, I wanted something that would be a challenge but didn’t know where to start. During the interview process with Andrew and the team, I realized insurance would be a challenge I wanted to take on.

Q. Tell us about your most recent professional designations.

Courtney: It’s still very early into my insurance career but I can definitely see getting my CAIB license down the road, after I’ve had some time to really familiarize myself with insurance. A recurring theme that I’ve noticed here is that there is always room to grow and learn. As for skills, does being able to balance a tray with a glass on my head count? 😉

Q. In your opinion, what’s the single most important service an insurance broker delivers to a client?

Courtney: Providing support to our clients when they need it.

Q. Which of ALIGNED’s 18 points of differentiation do you find the most personally meaningful and why?

Courtney: Above all, what stood out for me is ALIGNED’s Social Responsibility Program. Philanthropy is something I’ve always believed and participated in. I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, even going all the way to Alabama to build homes. I’m an alumna of Laurier where fundraising for Cystic Fibrosis through Shinerama was second nature. It’s refreshing to find a company that keeps social responsibility as one of its core values.

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Have you met these ALIGNED Insurance team members?

Kate Blanchard - ALIGNED Assistant Advocate - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Discover what Customer Experience Manager Kate Blanchard believes sets ALIGNED apart…

“The people, for sure, set ALIGNED apart. I have always believed the right people in the right positions makes all the difference with how a business strives. ALIGNED’s smaller sized, family-like culture reflects in the way our brokers interact with our clients as well.

Kate Blanchard, Customer Experience Manager, ALIGNED Insurance
Andrew Clark President and CEO - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

CEO Andrew Clark talks to Insurance Business about how ALIGNED’s team focus is making it an award-winning brokerage…

“First and foremost, our focus was on our team. We launched an employee ownership program, which brought all of our staff together and really solidified the organization. We distributed shares to everyone in the ALIGNED team, so that every single employee is an owner and shares in the success of the brokerage. Most importantly, ALIGNED Insurance is a great group of people who are all working towards a common goal, which is a great foundation to build the business upon.”

Andrew Clark, President and CEO, ALIGNED Insurance

Interested in joining the ALIGNED team?

We are actively looking for entrepreneurial and growth focused people. If you’re interested in joining our rapidly growing team, we’d love to hear from you!

We invite you to learn more about why Andrew Clark, our President and CEO, decided to found ALIGNED and our leadership.

Each and every day, our team members across Canada are proud to provide a different kind of insurance experience to each and every ALIGNED client.

Above all, aligning is what we do as business insurance brokers. Likewise, we’re aligned with each other as colleagues, with the best insurance companies in Canada and, most importantly, our clients. This is why why being as good as one’s word is so important to all of us at ALIGNED.

And while there are 18 things that we do differently for our clients, what gives us the most pride how we get better solutions and more value ALIGNED for each and every business we support. 

Social responsibility is yet another way we deliver a different employee and client experience

It’s a privilege to handle our clients’ insurance needs across Canada. Above all, helping others consistently, frequently and generously is vitally important to each one of us.

Our Give Generously campaign connects our clients directly with our social responsibility work. Each year, a portion of ALIGNED Insurance profits are donated to a registered Canadian charity that is selected by our clients. Learn more about our Social Responsibility program.

In addition, we support two annual volunteering days for every employee. We are proud that ALIGNED Insurance team members partner with the organizations that they are passionate about helping.

Our Story:  Learn how we’re ALIGNED with our past, present and future

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