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ALIGNMENT Matters issue 38 | Green expectations

ALIGNED Insurance - ALIGNMENT Matters - issue #38
ALIGNED Insurance - ALIGNMENT Matters - issue #38
[e-news] ALIGNED Insurance – ALIGNMENT Matters – issue #38 – Green expectations

ALIGNMENT Matters issue 38 | Green expectations

To say it’s an interesting time for the Canadian economy is definitely an understatement!

Regionalism, threats of interest rate hikes, the US/Canadian relationship, carbon tax, pipelines and cannabis have all been dominating business and of course…political headlines.

ALIGNED Insurance works with businesses in all industries across Canada. However, given the significant number of cannabis clients we work with, we decided to focus this newsletter on the cannabis industry. If you’re in the cannabis business, are a cannabis investor and/or a cannabis consumer, you’ve likely got December 18th circled on your calendar.

With edibles, concentrates & topicals coming to bricks & mortar and online storesCannabis 2.0 is top of mind for many.

While we’ve all seen flux in the cannabis market in recent weeks, one thing that’s not in flux is the importance of risk management, especially when it comes to operating a cannabis company. There are many real and specific risks associated with cannabis – high fire potential, crop damage/failure, regulatory and licensing compliance issues, corporate governance, business interruption, etc. 

The Canadian insurance industry is doing its best to keep up and serve cannabis industry needs. 

Despite the efforts of many, the reality is that there are limited insurers interested in the space, unique products and coverages needed, special considerations around placement process/strategy etc. That’s why placing cannabis risks is best done with experts like the brokers at ALIGNED Insurance.

While cannabis is a focus of this ALIGNMENT Matters, we’ve also included info on our newly launched 100% online E&O product for tech businesses. We’ve now got almost 300 fully online commercial insurance products that you can get quotes on and buy whenever it’s most convenient. Here’s some of our newest insurance insights:

[e-news] ALIGNMENT Matters – issue 38

Green expectations

1. Edibles, CBD oil products & what you need to know to get insured.
2. Selling or expanding your cannabis retail products? Read this.

3. Now available – 100% online E&O coverage for tech businesses
4. E-commerce? Get aligned with top coverage options.
5. Confused about what counts in a business interruption worksheet? Read this.
6. Vacant & waiting to stock your commercial cannabis biz? What to know.
7. 3 reasons why snow plowing insurance is hard to get.
8. Fast. Free. Simple. Get a commercial insurance quote now.

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You’re an important part of our ongoing journey and thanks for your continued support and interest in ALIGNED Insurance!


Andrew Clark, MBA, CAIB, RF, FCIP, RPLU
President & CEO, ALIGNED Insurance
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Keep reading – ALIGNMENT Matters issue 38 – Green expectations…

ALIGNED Insurance - ALIGNMENT Matters 38 - Insurance for CBD Products
Edibles? CBD oil? Concentrates & topicals? How to get CBD product coverage.
ALIGNED Insurance - ALIGNMENT Matters 38 - Insurance for Cannabis Retailers
Cannabis 2.0 & 2020. What to know about securing retail insurance coverage.
ALIGNED Insurance - ALIGNMENT Matters 38 - Tech Business E&O online insurance
It’s here. 100% online Technology Business Errors & Omissions. Get ALIGNED now.

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