What to look for when buying insurance for a snow plowing business   

Polar vortex? 100km winds? 5-foot accumulations? Canadian snow plowing businesses face the worst weather head-on. When a big dump happens, communities and cities across Canada count on snow plowing businesses to dig them out. In fact, your employees experience the dangers of severe weather road conditions whenever they go to work. Because of this, you know how vitally important it is to have the best insurance coverage for a snow plowing business.

3 reasons why snow plowing is a “High Risk” to insure

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, snow plowing insurance coverage has always been a tough or high-risk class of business for Canadian insurers.  This is primarily a result of increasing slip and fall lawsuits as well as historical precedence.

Professional property managers and savvy landlords know how to manage their risks. They often transfer all legal responsibility for slip and fall incidents directly to contracted snow removal companies. Last but not least, personal injury law firms actively market their services to the general public. Compelling marketing campaigns encourage people who have slipped, fallen and injured themselves to sue multiple parties who they consider to be “at fault” for the incident.

We know the snow plowing industry and have considerable success securing cost-effective snow plowing business insurance. Our team members proactively help snow removal companies understand as well as manage risks through contractual risk transfer and other proven strategies.

Key features of snow plowing insurance

We know snow. Our brokers proactively help snow removal companies understand as well as manage risks through contractual risk transfer and other proven strategies. Some of the coverage highlights we offer include:

Whether you’re hooking up a plow to your personal pickup truck or store multiple heavy-duty tractors in mall parking lots, we know your business.

We know the snow business – get insurance for:

  • Clearing of federal, provincial and/or municipal roads or highways
  • Commercial property parking lots
  • Condos
  • Residential driveways
  • Sidewalks and bus shelters
  • U.S. exposures

6 steps we take to get your snow removal insurance quote

  1. We proactively review your contracts.
  2. We review and select your control adjuster to ensure an optimal fit with your snow removal business.
  3. When a claim happens, we work to ensure consistent and knowledgeable representation.
  4. Consistent legal representation is important. We ensure your snow removal business has consistent representation that will aggressively fight your insurance claims and not just settle.
  5. Managing subcontractor relationships makes a big difference. We provide assistance managing these relationships to help minimize insurance costs and losses.
  6. We ensure ALIGNED is different than the typical Canadian insurance broker. Click here to learn more.

You can start the process to get a snow plowing insurance quote right here on our website. Fill out a simple application and provide some specific details about your snow removal business. Should you need any assistance, our team of experienced commercial insurance brokers can answer your questions and help you get a quote for snow plowing business insurance.

Get a quote – talk to an ALIGNED broker

Ready to start the process of getting a snow removal insurance quote?  Our expert commercial insurance brokers are here to help you to determine the liability coverage you need most.

Whether you manage a fleet of tractors to dig out multiple clients or use your pick-up truck with a plow hooked up, we can line up better snow plowing insurance. Snow removal happens everywhere in Canada. We help snow business owners get aligned with more coverage options.

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