Insurance For Cannabis Edibles Companies In Canada

What you need to know about insurance for cannabis edibles companies in Canada

The legalization of cannabis in Canada has changed Canadian culture, the economy and society forever. Countless new jobs have been created, numerous private and public companies have been formed and it’s estimated that as much as $8 billion dollars will be added to the Canadian economy in the first year alone! All of this occurred within the first year of legalization and the market, growing methods, distribution of products etc. etc. is all still being figured out so who knows what a mature well developed Canadian marketplace will look like in the years to come. However, one thing that is certain is that the legalization of cannabis edibles and consumables will fuel further growth and consumption of cannabis in Canada. Cannabis edible companies have existed and operated legally around the world for many years and have changed the cannabis landscape forever because the stigma and objections of consumption through inhalation are further diminished when edibles and consumables are options.

Is Insurance For Cannabis Edibles Companies Available?

Cannabis edible companies in Canada have a great market and future ahead, but there are also some considerable risks that they face. Thankfully the experienced insurance brokers at the commercial insurance brokerage ALIGNED Insurance provide insurance for cannabis edibles companies in Canada to help reduce some of the risks associated with their operations. They work with all sorts of cannabis companies across Canada from licensed producers, micro cultivators, cannabis retailers, medicinal growers, landlords with cannabis growing tenants etc. They have the expertise needed to assist with the nuances of insurance for cannabis edibles companies in Canada and below are just some of the types of edibles and consumable companies they can assist with:

  • Insurance for a cannabis gummy company
  • Insurance for cannabis hard candies companies
  • Insurance for cannabis infused beverage companies
  • Insurance for cannabis chocolate companies
  • Insurance for cannabis baked goods
  • Insurance for cannabis topicals
  • Other

What Types Of Insurance Do Cannabis Edibles Companies Need?

The types of insurance for cannabis edibles companies in Canada is not that different than any other company involved with consumable products and a summary of typical insurance products that cannabis edible companies in Canada should consider is as follows:

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