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Where Can I Get Insurance For A Cigar Store In Canada?

To get insurance for a cigar store in Canada you first want to make sure that your insurance provider understands your cigar store business. Insurance for cigar stores should be different than other business insurance because your products and premises are different from other businesses being insured.

When you own a cigar store in Canada, you take on certain risks for the contents of your store and the liability of the location and employees. When you get insurance for a cigar store in Canada, be sure that your insurance package is tailored to your cigar store and your specific needs. This means that if you get insurance specifically designed for your store, you can avoid high insurance fees from business insurance that doesn’t apply specifically to your cigar store.

Your cigar shop insurance can cover you for loss, damages, and liabilities that only a cigar store owner needs to be concerned about. Talk to an insurance broker at ALIGNED Insurance to help you get insurance that fits your business.

Types of Insurance for a Cigar Store

Cigar Store Building Insurance

Your cigar store may be different from other business locations. Therefore it’s important that your cigar store insurance provider understands your concerns. You want to be sure that your cigar store insurance can cover you from risks associated with your location. You can be protected in the event of an earthquake or flood, sewage back up, and/or boiler and machinery coverage in case of faulty equipment. Count on Aligned Insurance to hear your concerns about your store in order to find the right cigar shop insurance for you. If your cigar store location has a higher risk of broken glass than other small businesses, your insurance can cover that if built correctly.

Other types of insurance when it comes to your cigar store premises are pollution, both sudden and accidental, or extra expense insurance. You may decide that certain options do not apply to your location. That’s why it’s so helpful to talk to your insurance broker about what truly concerns you and your specific cigar store location. Why waste time and money being under-insured for risks that concern you, and over-insured for risks that don’t apply to your location.

Cigar Store Contents Insurance

Your cigar store contents insurance can cover you for damaged, destroyed or stolen property. When you get insurance for a cigar store in Canada, you want to insure the contents of your specific store. You may specialize in humidors or high value pipes, pottery and pens. Your cigar shop insurance can give you the proper coverage for those items. It’s not useful for you to get insurance for a cigar store in Canada if your insurance provider doesn’t understand the products you want to be insured. You understand your products and the nuances of your business better than anyone. You can talk to ALIGNED Insurance about what types of high value products you want protected from damage and/or theft. With the right insurance package, your cigar store contents insurance can cover your products based on what items you feel are most valuable. This means that when you get insurance for a cigar store in Canada from ALIGNED Insurance, you won’t be over-charged for coverage you don’t need, or under-insured for coverage that matters to you the most.

Cigar Store Liability Insurance

When you get insurance for a cigar store in Canada, you take on liability risks for many different factors. First, you may be liable as a cigar store owner, to pay for injury or personal damages that happen on your cigar store premises. Insurance for a cigar shop should include General Liability in order to protect you against potential costly lawsuits for personal injury of your customers. Secondly, if you hire employees to work at your cigar store, you may need insurance for employee benefit liability or Employment Practice Liability. When you get insurance for a cigar store in Canada, you want to be sure that you’re covered for employee liability based on Canadian law. You can count on ALIGNED Insurance to find a provider who can navigate the necessary liability insurance for a Canadian employer. You will also feel more protected if you are insured for any specific services that your cigar store offers. If you hire a car to transport products or visit clients, or travel in order to secure specific products, your insurance broker can help customize your coverage for these situations.

No matter who you are, if you are asking “where can I get cigar store insurance in Canada?” you want to be sure that when you get it you’re protected based on your specific needs. Talk to an ALIGNED Insurance broker today 1-866-287-0448 to find out how you can customize your insurance coverage to suit the needs of your cigar store.

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