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Commercial insurance that aligns with your risks. Why you need it.

Stay focused on picturing the forest, not just the trees. It’s impossible to build a business in Canada without some help along the way. Whether it’s your lawyer, accountant or insurance broker, experts help you focus. Our insurance experts know risk. And we only deliver commercial insurance policies. ALIGNMENT is what we excel at.

Canadian commercial insurance products you can rely on

Every business needs insurance. Whether you worry about a customer slip, trip and fall event in your retail store or just need to get your commercial space and products protected, your policy needs to deliver peace of mind.

You need insurance aligned for the specific exposures your business faces. Insurance that’s in alignment with Canadian business needs is what we’re all about.

Small, medium or large, every sized business needs a commercial insurance policy that will respond when it’s most needed. You can trust our experts to align your risks with the best coverage options and deliver free commercial insurance policy quotes quickly.

More than 1,600 Canadian businesses choose us to get their commercial insurance needs aligned with key products such as:

Here’s how to get a free business insurance quote…

You need a commercial insurance policy that aligns with the risks you face, day in and day out. This is why we make it fast, simple and free to get a commercial insurance quote using our online questionnaire.

We just need a couple of details about your business in Canada. Such as:

  • Your first and last name, email address and phone number
  • The legal name of your business
  • The mailing address for the commercial business
  • Types of commercial insurance you need
  • A description of your business and the risks it faces
  • An estimate of annual sales / revenue for your operations

Complete our online insurance quote form and an ALIGNED broker will contact you. They’ll ask you a few more questions and help get a free commercial insurance policy quote for your business as soon as possible.

We’re different. Here’s how.

We only deliver commercial insurance policies. This is just 1 of 18 reasons why we deliver a different and better insurance experience to Canadian businesses. Read all 18 here.

Our commercial insurance brokers excel at aligning coverage that precisely addresses risk. We’re proud to help our clients focus on the big picture.

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