Why Global Medic Is The ALIGNED Insurance 2017 Charity

Why GlobalMedic Is The ALIGNED Insurance 2017 Charity

Related Matters: Canadian Underwriter: 2017 industry catastrophe losses could reach US$190 billion before tax: FitchHave you heard about our social responsibility activities? In addition to giving with our hearts & hands, consistently and frequently our team of experienced insurance brokers is also proud to Give Generously. If you are wondering why GlobalMedic is the ALIGNED Insurance 2017 charity donation recipient, here’s a little background.

This spring, we hosted an exciting 28-day campaign to determine a Canadian charity that would receive our much anticipated 2017 donation. Your votes, shares and likes are why GlobalMedic is the ALIGNED Insurance 2017 charity. Recently our President and CEO Andrew Clark visited with GlobalMedic to provide the donation big cheque to the ALIGNED Insurance 2017 charity.

Why GlobalMedic Is The First To Help After A Disaster

Whether it happens in Canada or around the globe, when disaster strikes, GlobalMedic is there to save lives. “GlobalMedic is the operational arm of the David McAntony Gibson Foundation (DMGF). We operate as a registered Canadian charity, and our mandate is to save lives by providing short-term, rapid response in the wake of disasters and crisis, both at home and abroad.

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The key word is rapid, as you might expect from an agency that was founded by paramedics. GlobalMedic is often the first team, and many times the only one, to get critical interventions to people in life-threatening situations following a disaster. This is what we are known for in the world of humanitarian disaster response. GlobalMedic achieves this through our well-developed Emergency Programs and our internationally deployable Rapid Response Team (RRT).”1

Why GlobalMedic Is The ALIGNED Insurance 2017 Charity

Based in Etobicoke, Ontario, GlobalMedic delivers water, medical, shelter and search & rescue programs. Their emergency workers: “adapt to the demands of the moment, and make use of whatever tools are at hand. For that reason GlobalMedic is also constantly exploiting new opportunities and creating new programs to help more people and save even more lives. Innovation and flexibility are built into the foundations of our agency.

The RRT is made up of volunteer Canadians, many of whom are professional first-responders (e.g paramedics, firefighters, and police officers), but they come from all walks-of-life. What they all have in common is a passion for helping others, and an incredible work-ethic. You will never meet a better group of people.”2

To learn more about how GlobalMedic and how they are saving lives in Canada and abroad, please visit globalmedic.ca

It is for these reasons and many more why GlobalMedic is the ALIGNED Insurance 2017 Charity.

Give Generously – How You Help Us Help Others

Each year, a portion of ALIGNED’s profits are donated to a registered Canadian charity through our annual Give Generously campaign. It starts with a request to every ALIGNED client to nominate a Canadian charity. We create a dedicated webpage for each charity and the one with the most visitors during the campaign period receives the Give Generously donation.

Give Generously is part of our Social Responsibility program and just 1 of 18 great reasons why Canadian organizations choose us for their business insurance needs. Across Canada, each ALIGNED insurance broker, advocate and owner believes that it is a privilege to handle our clients’ insurance needs and that we have a social responsibility to help others in a number of ways, such as:

We’re proud to be 100% Canadian owned. Every day our experienced insurance brokers work to deliver the service our clients want, expect and pay for. We believe that aligning business with more insurance options and risk management strategies is one of the most important ways we can deliver the most value to our clients.

To learn more about our social responsibility program, contact ALIGNED’s President & CEO Andrew Clark directly at 1-866-519-1321 or assistants@alignedinsurance.com for more information.

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Sources: 1,2 globalmedic.ca 

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