Brenda Is The Newest ALIGNED Team Member!

The ALIGNED Team Is Proud to Sponsor Brenda

With offices in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and a national operations centre in Cambridge, Ontario, 2015 was a year of growth and acquisitions for ALIGNED Insurance. Across the country, our team grew to almost 20 advocates and operations professionals who are now serving more than 1,400 Canadian businesses.

We are grateful for every client who choses to work with us.

We are humbled by our success to date and remain committed to continuing getting better each day, delivering an experience not just a service, and further building on these 18 great reasons why people chose ALIGNED

We know it is a privilege to handle your insurance needs and we believe it is also our corporate social responsibility to help others by giving generously and frequently, with our hearts and hands.

Brenda Is Our Newest ALIGNED Team Member

As such, we’d like to take a moment to introduce you to Brenda, our newest team member who we are sponsoring through World Vision in lieu of sending holiday cards. World Vision is focused on creating lasting change in the lives of children like Brenda, their families as well as their communities.

Brenda lives in Malawi, loves to play ball games and is keen to learn foreign languages. We are thrilled to be able to support Brenda and look forward to following and encouraging her growth and development for many years to come.

To learn more about ALIGNED insurance products or solutions, talk to one of our advocates today. We can help you secure the best products, services and solutions for your business.

Source: World Vision Canada

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