Why Clean Cut Energy Chooses ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

6 Reasons Why Clean Cut Energy Chooses ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Mike Kazmaier

Mike Kazmaier is the Founder / Director of Operations of Clean Cut Energy, a leading Canadian supplier of energy and water sub-metering services to multi-residential and commercial real estate projects. Clean Cut Energy provides smart utility metering and management solutions that maximize financial returns to customers by reducing water and energy use through fair ‘user-pay’ billing, optimal system performance, and responsive customer service.

We appreciate the opportunity to work in alignment with Mike to deliver insurance products and risk management support to Clean Cut Energy. Here’s what Mike has to say about why Clean Cut Energy chooses ALIGNED Insurance…

Q1. How did you come to choose ALIGNED for Clean Cut Energy’s insurance and risk management needs?

Mike: ALIGNED Insurance purchased our former brokerage and we started out our relationship as an acquired client. I’d met ALIGNED’s CEO Andrew Clark at a number of different functions and have always been impressed by his passion, insurance knowledge and professionalism.

There are a couple of things that ALIGNED does that really stand out to me. First and foremost, there’s the effort that ALIGNED puts into their marketing initiatives. As a business owner, you have many things thrown at you every day. I started reading some of the information ALIGNED provides. In fact, I found a recent article about managing risk and security issues associated with digital documents and to be both interesting and helpful. They put a lot of effort into the education piece.

I think the biggest thing that sets ALIGNED apart is the personal touch they make to keep connected to the business community. I was with another brokerage for a number of years and now, with ALIGNED, I see the level of detail and education they put into their product. They also make it very easy to work with them. We need E&O liability and ALIGNED’s process is very streamlined and simplified.

Q2. Insurance Business Canada magazine just announced that out of hundreds of brokerages, ALIGNED is a Top 10 Brokerage. What do you think makes them so successful?

Mike: I think the ALIGNED team connects with their founding principle. They are really there to help business owners do what they love to do. The ALIGNED website makes it very clear that their goal is to make your life as a business owner easier as well as give you peace of mind that your business interests are well protected.  It doesn’t surprise me in the least that ALIGNED is a Top 10 Broker, because I know they go the extra mile for their customers.

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Q3. ALIGNED is proud to be a different kind of brokerage. For example, every ALIGNED employee is also an owner, and that’s just one of ALIGNED’s 18 points of differentiation. In your opinion, why does ALIGNED stand out in the marketplace?

Mike: It may sound weird but the ALIGNED team has a personal touch when it comes to business insurance. They communicate and educate. Business owners are busy running their own shops and aren’t always thinking about how they can reduce their risk exposures. ALIGNED’s education articles help keep risk top of mind, especially for down the road and the future direction we may decide to take. The marketplace is always changing and they help to keep me informed.

Q4. There are many brokerages out there. Why do you feel comfortable with ALIGNED handling all of your insurance needs?

Mike: With ALIGNED, we’ve experienced improved customer service. This may be due to the fact that employees feel like they are more a part of the whole thing and are more engaged. By way of example, we often require a last-minute proof of insurance for quotes and applications. When you’re rushing around to get a quote together the last thing you want to have to think about is planning to get an insurance certificate. With ALIGNED, we’ve received a certificate sometimes within an hour of our request – now that shows just how quickly they react and how agile their team is.

Q5. Across Canada, ALIGNED’s advocates line up more insurance options. Can you describe how ALIGNED delivers more value to your business?

Mike: ALIGNED gets us our E&O through Lloyd’s of London. There’s a good chance that we would not being dealing with Lloyd’s if it weren’t for the chain of insurance connections that ALIGNED has lined up. Processes seem to be very streamlined with ALIGNED – in fact, my application document seems more straightforward than in the past – they appear to do a lot behind the scenes to make things very simple.

Q6. Why do you recommend ALIGNED Insurance to others?

Mike: Because I think you will find that they will go the extra mile for you. They will take the time to make your life easier as a businessperson. The busier things get, the more and more valuable it is when you find a company like ALIGNED that makes your life easier. And, of course, they have a great CEO!

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