What Does Directors Liability Insurance Coverage Protect Against?

What Does Directors Liability Insurance Coverage Protect Against?

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The Canadian business news is regularly, and sadly, filled with scandals, accusations, allegations against leaders, board members and employees of public, private & not for profit organizations.  These unfortunate and seemingly constant examples of poor decision making, poor governance, lack of oversight, unethical behaviour etc. have focused the attention of regulators and legislators on the boards of directors and corporate officers of offending organizations. With increased regulation, constantly changing federal & provincial legislation and the rising frequency and severity of legal actions being brought against public, private and not for profits organizations makes knowing the answer to – What Does Directors Liability Insurance Coverage Protect Against?,  more important than ever.

What Does Directors Liability Insurance Cover?

  • Legal and defense costs
  • Damages
  • Settlements and judgements
  • Regulatory and criminal defence

Most Common Sources of Legal Action Against Directors & Officers

  • Shareholders: securities class-action lawsuits, derivative suits or oppression remedies
  • Employees: wrongful dismissals, discrimination, failure to promote
  • Debt-holders
  • Government entities
  • Regulators
  • Competitors
  • Other directors or officers
  • Third-party

Directors Liability Insurance Coverage Features

  • Protects past, current and future directors and officers and their spouses, estates and heirs
  • Coverage extends to subsidiaries
  • Protects newly acquired or created entities
  • An optional extension is available for reporting claims after the policy terminates

Every industry and sector is unique in the risks it faces. That’s why insurers that ALIGNED Insurance works with like The Guarantee and others offer specialized D&O policies dedicated to not-for-profits, and private and publicly traded companies.

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Source: The Guarantee

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