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Frequently Asked Questions About Directors Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions About Directors Insurance - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers
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Insurance insights | FAQs about directors coverage aka D&O

Manage a Canadian board? Whether you are looking to attract or retain board members, it’s important to provide the best directors insurance.

Non-profits are seeing an influx of generation X board members.

Quality coverage matters. Board members want to know that the organization they volunteer with has D&O insurance. “What kind of directors coverage do you have in place?” is a question you may be hearing. This is where we can help.

From time-to-time, we share content from our insurance partners that we think you may find of interest. This post is all about directors insurance FAQ’s.

Frequently Asked Questions About Directors Insurance - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers
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Here’s some frequently asked questions about directors insurance

We work with more than 65 of Canada’s top insurance companies. Frank Cowan Company is an Intact company. Frank Cowan delivers “speciality insurance for municipal and related organizations including health, education and social and community services.”

The following 3-page document is all about directors insurance FAQs. This PDF was created by Frank Cowan.

Why does a non-profit need directors insurance?

Because risk doesn’t discriminate. To attract and retain board members, you need to offer directors insurance that protects against key exposures.

“The answer is simple – to protect the personal assets of the directors and maintain the ability to attract qualified people as board members. It becomes much easier to attract qualified people to serve on a Board when they know their personal assets are protected by a Directors and Officers (D&O) Policy.”

FAQs about Directors Insurance – Frank Cowan

Need more info?

We can get your non-profit aligned. Our experienced brokers specialize in commercial insurance and support more than 1,600 clients across Canada. Many of our clients are non-profits. If you have questions about directors insurance, we can help.

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