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Understanding Nail Technician Insurance

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When you’re a trained nail technician, you get the pleasure of being able to say that your job has a solid element of both nail art and science.

For your client, their nails are a personal statement. Being able to do your clients’ wishes justice while keeping their nails healthy is a task that requires skill.

As a trained professional and a small business owner, there a lot of personal and professional risks you face when you offer your services to the public. Nail technician insurance can help you protect yourself and your finances in a worst-case scenario.

Here Are 3 Insurance Coverages That Nail Technicians May Want to Explore

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1. Commercial General Liability 

On any given day at the nail salon, there are lots of people coming in and out of the building for your nail services. Depending on where you’re based, it’s not unusual for people to use nail salons as a place to socialize in addition to getting nail treatment. Between the foot traffic and the ice and snow associated with Canadian winters, there are plenty of opportunities for someone to trip and fall on or around your property.

Commercial general liability is a popular business insurance option because of how it can cover a broad range of scenarios. Alongside property damage and injury to third parties, this type of insurance can also help with products liability accusations. If your salon sells specialty nail polishes or gels to customers while operating out a physical building, this insurance type can be particularly useful.

2. Commercial Property Insurance

As a nail technician, your salon more than likely has a substantial amount of specialized equipment and supplies. In addition, between cash registers, computers, salon chairs, and general office equipment, the dollar value of your commercial property can add up if you’re ever forced to replace it all in the aftermath of a fire or a burst pipe. 

Commercial property insurance makes it possible for you to receive fair value back if an insured peril ever damages your business equipment.

3. Professional Liability Coverage

Nails are a personal thing and the standard for what counts as a solid nail job can vary dramatically. Customers can express unhappiness with the work they’ve paid for and allege pain, suffering, mental distress etc.. Or, as outlandish as this might sound, a delayed appointment or a mistake that results in a subpar manicure can have financial consequences for clients who work in fields like entertainment or fashion.  

Most of the time, purely financial losses don’t get covered under standard commercial general insurance policies as specialized beauticians professional liability extensions are required. Professional liability insurance can help you as a professional nail technician, close a major coverage gap while giving you the coverage you need.

Protect Your Business With Top-Notch Nail Technician Insurance

Top-notch nail salon insurance is a must-have for all beauty professionals like nail technicians. So much so that the wrong insurance policy can have devastating financial consequences if you’re hit with a worst-case scenario. An experienced insurance company will thoroughly assess your nail technician business needs.

Whether you’re interested in getting a plan or you’re getting ready to renew, you can count on your ALIGNED insurance professional to ensure that you get a fantastic nail technician insurance policy at the best rates possible. Get your FREE nail technician insurance quote today.

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