Micropigmentation Business Insurance

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Micropigmentation Business Insurance can cover the following services:

When you provide permanent cosmetic and microblading services, you run the risk of making a permanent mistake. Micropigmentation business insurance can provide you with the protection you need so that a mistake or an unhappy client doesn’t put you out of business permanently. 

  • Eyebrows (including microblading)
  • Eyeliner
  • Lips & lipliner
  • Pigment Removal/Lightening
  • Bald Spot Repigmentation
  • Scar camouflage
  • Beauty Marks
  • Needling & Collagen Induction Therapy
  • Makeup Artist services
  • Esthetician services
  • Permanent Makeup

Risks Your Micropigmentation Business Faces

Providing permanent cosmetics and microblading services is inherently risky with a high potential for injury, infection or mistake. The following are just a few of the risks your micropigmentation business is exposed to:

  • Allergic reactions to dyes or pigments
  • Unsterilized or improperly sanitized equipment leading to serious infections
  • Botched procedures / unsatisfied clients
  • Improperly disposed of needles 
  • Expired or contaminated products
  • Poor lighting, slipping and tripping hazards that lead to slip and fall injuries

How Micropigmentation Business Insurance Can Protect Your Salon, Spa or Clinic

The following are coverages needed by micropigmentation businesses to protect them from losses and the crushing costs of legal liability. The coverages can be tailored to fit any sized micropigmentation business. 

Errors & Omissions (E&O) / Professional Liability Insurance – This policy can cover your legal costs including legal fees, out-of-court settlement costs and awards for damages for lawsuits related to the provision of your personal care services.

Commercial General Liability Insurance – A CGL policy can provide you with legal coverage for personal injury lawsuits not related to micropigmentation and related services, as well as lawsuits alleging property damage, libel/slander and false advertising.

Property Insurance – Whether you are an independent professional or are a stand-alone micropigmentation centre or salon that includes miropigmentation and/or microblading services, protecting your business from fires, flooding, sewage backups and other perils is a must. Property damage claim can cover your building and contents such as needles, dyes and other supplies, office equipment, furniture and other business assets.

You may also include the following coverage extension:

  • Business Interruption coverage which reimburses you for income lost due to an insured peril; and 
  • Extra Expense protection that can cover the costs to set up a temporary location after an insured peril.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance protects your business from losses stemming from beauty equipment breakdown due to covered perils and can include the costs to repair or replace equipment and the cost to replace lost product.

Crime Insurance – Your equipment is expensive and should be protected from theft and your business also needs to be protected from theft and various types of fraud.

Commercial Auto Insurance / Commercial Vehicle Insurance – Commercial vehicle coverage is needed in case you run a mobile micropigmentation business or use vehicles as part of your business.

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