How Forensic Engineer Insurance Protects Your Business

The importance of your work as forensic engineers can’t be overstated. The decision to prosecute or apportion civil liability often turns on your findings. When things go wrong and property is damaged or people are hurt, we need to know why and how to prevent them from happening again. Nobody understands better than you the risks that come with that level of responsibility. From single consultants to large firms, forensic engineers insurance can be tailored to help you mitigate those risks.

Forensic Engineer Mistakes that could Lead to Legal Liability

Forensic Engineering Services Insurance
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The following mistakes that have the potential to leave a forensic engineers exposed to legal liability:

  • Accepting cases with a short turn-around time and rushing an investigation
  • Taking cases with a limited budget and not having the resources to conduct thorough investigations
  • Undertaking a case outside of his/her expertise
  • Inadequate documentation or investigations
  • Not following an investigative protocol
  • Assuming a conclusion when the cause appears obvious and not performing an investigation
  • Not asking for investigations or reviewing all of the relevant evidence
  • Not verifying the facts of the case or not getting opinions from expert witnesses and relying on retaining counsel’s interpretation of the facts
  • Authoring a report without full investigations or enough data
  • Using vague language that is open to interpretation
  • Allowing retaining counsel to influence a report or investigation
  • Not thoroughly reviewing a report or findings with retaining counsel
  • Writing reports with an appearance of bias

Though certainly not an exhaustive list, the above mistakes could call your work into question and leaves the door open to claims of negligence, errors or omission.  Errors & Omissions (E&O) / Professional Liability Insurance is a standard coverage that can provide forensic engineers and professionals with legal coverage including:

  • Lawyer’s fees
  • Defence costs
  • Settlements and awards for damages

if a client decides to sue or make a formal complaint to your licensing body. Forensic engineering firms, however, have more than just professional liability risks. The following section summarizes a few more basic coverages often included in a forensic engineering team insurance package.

Other Coverages for Forensic Engineering Firms

Commercial General Liability Insurance provides legal coverage for suits alleging personal injury, property damage, false advertising and libel & slander claims. 

Property Insurance protects your building and contents in case of fire, sewage backup, water damage, flooding, storm damage, and other perils. Optional extensions include:

  • Business Interruption cover which reimburses you for income lost due to an insured peril; and
  • Extra Expense coverage for the costs of setting up a temporary workspace following an insured peril.

Cyber Liability & Privacy Insurance can provide coverage for third-party losses, data and systems restoration, notification costs and more.

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance can provide legal coverage for lawsuits alleging wrongful dismissal, harassment and discrimination claims, and other employment-related suits.

Commercial Auto Insurance / Commercial Vehicle Insurance for vehicle used in the course of business by your forensic engineering firm.

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