PeaceGeeks Is Nominated For An ALIGNED Donation!

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PeaceGeeks Is Nominated For An ALIGNED Donation of $2,000!

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An ALIGNED client nominated PeaceGeeks to receive our Give Generously 2017 donation. If this page has the most visitors between Monday, April 24, 2017 and 11:59 pm Friday, May 26, 2017, PeaceGeeks will receive our Give Generously 2017 donation of $2,000.

About PeaceGeeks – Focused On Conflict And Human Rights Issues

Since 2011, PeaceGeeks has rapidly grown into a global organization with more than 700 volunteers around the world. Based in British Columbia, through charitable and non-charitable societies, PeaceGeeks partners “with organizations based in conflict-affected places to support their development at grassroot level.”1

Someone listened and that’s how the organization started. During the UN’s 10-year anniversary Resolution 1325 on Woman, Peace and Security, founder Renee Black shares, “I was struck by the incredible stories of brave men and women who worked in very difficult situations to end conflict and promote human rights – but mostly about how little we hear about these stories out the confines of policy circles. I committed myself to helping grassroots organizations from around the world to be seen and heard on the issues that matter most to them.”2

PeaceGeeks – How They Help

Every day, the charity, “collaborates with community-based changemakers to make them more effective and impactful in advancing peace and human rights through technology.”3

“PeaceGeeks is a global non-profit, volunteer organization that uses technology to build the technological, communications and management capacities of grassroots organizations who work to promote peace, accountability and human rights. We develop partnerships with these organizations to provide meaningful support designed to increase their skills, effectiveness and impact.”4

To learn more about the work PeaceGeeks does to help give global changemakers a voice, please visit

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You can help PeaceGeeks get ALIGNED with our Give Generously donation. The Canadian charity webpage with the most visitors between Monday, April 24, 2017 and 11:59 pm Friday, May 26, 2017 will receive our 2017 donation.

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Give Generously 2017 – Our Social Responsibility Campaign

We believe that it is our corporate social responsibility to help others. We do this by giving frequently, consistently and generously. Give Generously is part of our Social Responsibility program and just 1 of 18 great reasons why Canadian organizations choose us for their business insurance needs. Contact any ALIGNED colleague or ALIGNED’s President & CEO Andrew Clark directly at 1-866-519-1321 or for more information.

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