Movie Theater and Cinema Insurance

Movie Theater and Cinema Insurance Solutions

Movie theaters and cinemas welcome hundreds of guests everyday to view exciting new films. Businesses ensure a high quality, fun and relaxing experience for their guests with clean facilities for every showing, a fast ticketing process, and food and beverages. Because you rely on many systems equipment to operate your movie theater or cinema smoothly and safely, it’s important to have comprehensive commercial insurance.

With movie theater and cinema insurance from ALIGNED, your business is protected against third-party liability claims, litigations, and damages. We’ll work closely with you to determine your unique situation and match you with a policy that best fits your commercial insurance needs and budget.

Movie Theater and Cinema Insurance
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Why Is Movie Theaters And Cinema Insurance Important?

Operating a movie theater or cinema takes a lot of work and resources to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests. While you have precautions in place, accidents, appropriate lighting etc. unexpected injuries or damages could result in costly repairs or lawsuits. Here are some risks common risks that movie theaters or cinemas face:

  • A customer sues for injuries sustained in your movie theater or cinema after falling down the stairs in the theatre.
  • You can’t operate or earn revenue while your movie theater or cinema is under reconstruction because of a fire.
  • A customer gets food poisoning after buying something from your concession stands.
  • Your expensive and highly specialized visual and audio equipment is damaged due to an electrical surge and needs to be replaced.

With comprehensive movie theater and cinema insurance from ALIGNED, you protect your business against these risks and many others.

What Do Movie Theater and Cinema Insurance Include?

Commercial General Liability Insurance – also called CGL insurance, commercial general liability insurance provides coverage for injuries, bodily harm, and property damages occurring to a third party during your business operations or while they are on your premises.

Commercial Property Insurance – your business relies on commercial buildings and equipment to operate successfully. It’s important to ensure your assets are protected in the event of a fire, vandalism, flood, or other natural accident beyond your control.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance – if your equipment breaks down due to specific events/perils, equipment breakdown insurance can cover physical damages to your equipment or replacement parts.

Product Liability Insurance – if you sell food or drink products to your clients, products liability insurance will protect you from claims against property damage or bodily injuries (i.e. health decline, allergy reaction, or food-borne illness) that your products cause. This is typically included in a CGL policy.

Find The Right Movie Theater And Cinema Insurance From ALIGNED

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