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Theatre and Performing Arts Centre Insurance Coverages

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All the world may be a stage but inviting the world to yours leaves you open to many liability risks. Theatre and performing arts centre insurance is a customizable package of coverages that can help protect theatre companies from those risks. Working with ALIGNED gives you an advocate who puts protecting your theatre front and center by getting you only the coverage you need.

Theatre and Performing Arts Centre Safety Auditing

Theatre and Performing Arts Center Insurance
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iAuditor has a Theatre Risk Assessment Checklist that can help theatre and performing arts venues reduce the possibility of cast, crew and audience injury. Below are a few of the hazards that many theatres should assess. For the entire checklist, visit the page here.


  • Damaged or untagged electrical leads or equipment?
  • Water near electrical equipment?
  • Poor management of portable cable runs?
  • Overload of electrical circuits?
  • Other Theatre Industry Hazards?

Slips, Trips, Falls

Can performers or spectators be injured by Slips, Trips or Falls in this show?

Working at Heights

  • Is there a requirement to work at heights of more than 2 meters?
  • Industry Hazards?…

Access and Egress

Are all emergency and disabled exits clear, lit and free of obstruction?

Fire and Flame

  • Are all fire extinguishers, hydrants and hoses clear and accessible?
  • Are any flammable materials used in this event or show?


Are noise levels related to the event (including bump in and out) excessive?…

Strike Impact

Can performers or anyone from the audience be struck by moving objects due to uncontrolled or unexpected or uncontrolled movement of stage equipment, scenery, props, etc.?


Can anyone be injured by an explosion of any substance or by theatrical type effects (e.g. Pyrotechnic Show)?


Can none be injured due to poorly designed seating, repetitive movement, poor lighting, poor lighting, poor body posture and the need for excessive effort?

Asphyxiation and/or Suffocation

Can anyone be asphyxiated and/or suffocated due to lack of oxygen or atmospheric contamination?

Hydraulics and compressed aired

Can anyone in the event come in contact with compressed air or hydraulics due to staging elements or equipment failure or misuse?”

Theatre and Performing Art Venues Insurance Coverages

Commercial General Liability Insurance – which can cover your theatre and art events venue for the costs to defend personal injury, property damage, libel, slander and false advertising lawsuits. Those costs include lawyer’s fees, out-of-court-settlements and damages awarded against you.

Property Insurance – covers the structure of your theatre and performing arts centre and the contents inside including lighting and sound systems, sets, seats, tools, equipment, office equipment and other contents that are damaged or destroyed in a fire, flood, windstorm, burglary, etc. Theatres may also need the following insurance policies:

  • Business Interruption coverage to replace lost income after an insured peril; and 
  • Extra Expense coverage to cover the costs of setting up a temporary location for your theatre. 

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance – which can cover your legal expenses to defend your theatre and performing arts venue from lawsuits based on claims of workplace harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and other employment practices-based suits.

Get ALIGNED With Comprehensive Theatre and Performing Arts Venue Insurance at an Affordable Rate

The commercial insurance brokers at ALIGNED can save you time, money and the hassle of shopping for the right theatre and art venues insurance polices. Contact an ALIGNED advocate to get a free quote on theatre and performing arts centre insurance in minutes or get started right away by using our free online tool.

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