Understanding What Acoustical Engineer Insurance Covers

Understanding What Acoustical Engineer Insurance Covers

Your clients rely on your sound performance to prevent hearing loss, reduce harmful vibrations and optimize building acoustics. From single engineer consultants to multinational firms, acoustical engineer insurance is designed to respond to your specific needs. Below is information on noise reduction intervention and how acoustical engineer liability insurance can insulate you from risks and liabilities.   

Acoustical Noise Pollution Intervention

The following table is from the World Health Organization’s Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region and contains five categories of noise pollution intervention:

Intervention Type Intervention Category Intervention Subcategory
A Source intervention • change in emission levels of sources• time restrictions on source operations
B Path intervention • change in the path between source and receiver• path control through insulation of receiver /receiver’s dwelling
C New/closed infrastructure • opening of a new infrastructure noise source• closure of an existing one• planning controls between (new) receivers and sources 
D Other physical intervention • change in other physical dimensions of dwelling/neighbourhood
E Behaviour change intervention • change in individual behaviour to reduce exposure• avoidance or duration of exposure• community education, communication

Of course, the above noise-management techniques aren’t enough to completely control source-path-receiver noise, just as education, risk assessment and quality control aren’t enough to protect you from liability or business risks. The following section contains information on how acoustical sound engineers insurance can help protect your company.

Acoustical Engineer Insurance Coverages

Acoustical Engineer Insurance
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To protect your acoustical engineering business, our liability insurance packages include legal defence coverage which consists of:

  • coverage of lawyer’s fees and defence costs
  • out-of-court settlement payment; and
  • coverage for damages awarded against you

among other benefits. For acoustical sound engineers, liability can come from a number of directions. These are some of the standard liability insurance coverages that are typically included in an acoustical sound engineer insurance package. Each coverage can be customized to meet your specific needs: 

Errors & Omissions (E&O) / Professional Liability Insurance is liability coverage for lawsuit claim against engineers for mistakes or poor job performance led to your client’s losses.

Commercial General Liability Insurance protects engineers from lawsuit claim that you are legally liable for personal injury, property damage, false advertising and libel/slander.

Commercial Property Insurance protects your building, its contents and equipment from fires, floods, theft and other perils whether you lease, own your own office or work from a home office. It can also provide equipment coverage while you’re in transit and on location. You can also add Business Interruption coverage which reimburses you for income lost due to an insured peril.

Commercial Auto Insurance / Commercial Vehicle Insurance for your work vehicles. Personal auto insurance will not cover you for an accident involving a vehicle being used for work purposes. 

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