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Mobile Beauty Insurance

Mobile Beauty Insurance
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Whether your mobile beauty service provides hair styling, mani-pedis, facials, eyebrow and eyelash tinting or any other beautician service, being on the road and visiting clients in their homes adds an extra layer of risk to your beauty salon services. Of course, you still face the same risk of injury to clients involved with providing personal care services. With the right mobile beauty insurance coverage, you can rest a little easier knowing that you’re protected and focus on making your clients their best versions of themselves.

Risks Faced by Mobile Beauty Businesses

Mobile Beauty Insurance
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The following possible scenarios represent some of the risks in the mobile beauty industry:

  • One of your clients has a severe reaction to a skin treatment product you applied.
  • While in a client’s home, you accidentally knock over an antique vase worth thousands of dollars.
  • You gossip with a client while sculpting her eyebrows about another beautician you both know. Your client lets slip what you said to that beautician and she sues you for slander.
  • You’re involved in a car accident while on your way to a long-term care home for several makeup appointments. 

Mobile beauty insurance can provide you with coverage for:

  • Medical expenses for injuries to clients or third parties
  • Costs to repair or replace damaged property 
  • Lawyer’s fees and defence costs
  • Out-of-court settlements 
  • Awards for damages

It’s important to remember that disgruntled customers or competitor can file a false claim against you, forcing you to hire a lawyer and go to court to defend the allegation and clear your name.

Mobile Beauty Insurance Coverages

The following customizable coverages are recommended for mobile beauty businesses:

Commercial General Liability Insurance provides your mobile beauty salon with coverage for lawsuits alleging property damage, false advertising, libel/slander and personal injury unrelated to beauty services.

Professional Liability Insurance covers injury and other lawsuits based on your professional services or advice.

Commercial Vehicle/Auto Insurance is a requirement for vehicles used for business purposes.

Product Liability Coverage protects you for beauty products that you make and sell. 

Property Insurance to protect your base of operations and your tools and equipment while on the road.

Crime Insurance protects your mobile beauty service in case of employee theft or fraud.

Do Mobile Beauticians Need Beauty Insurance?

Beauty insurance protects beauticians and their businesses against risks of litigation and financial losses incurred from damages. Regardless if you provide services and products to clients in a stationary or mobile salon, you may encounter risks throughout your operations.

Working as a mobile beautician can have unique risks that professionals working at stationary salons might not encounter. That’s why it’s just as important for mobile beauticians to purchase beauty insurance as it is for any other professional that provides beauty services.

For example, mobile beauticians are often freelancers or independent professionals that don’t have an employer. As a result, you must consider insurance that travels with you when providing services to different clients and entering their properties.

Mobile beauticians also rely on their vehicles more than other beauty professionals when it comes to providing services. If you also sell products to your clients, there are unique risks involved.

Purchasing beauty insurance protects your business against any third-party claims, lawsuits, or financial losses incurred to your clients, their properties, or your assets as a result of your services or operations.

What Should I Consider Before Buying Mobile Hair and Beauty Insurance?

One of the most important considerations is the type and amount of insurance coverage you want. There are several types of insurance you can include in your insurance policy. You should purchase insurance according to the risks that you anticipate encountering during operations.

For example, if you sell beauty products to your clients, there are always risks that the products can cause property damage or bodily injury (i.e., if a client suffers a skin reaction from a cream you sold them). Purchasing product liability insurance protects your mobile beauty salon against claims and litigations from such risks.

Is Mobile Hair and Beauty Insurance Income Tax-Deductible?

If you are a self-employed mobile beautician, a range of business expenses are eligible for tax deductibles. Any money spent running your business is considered a business expense, and you can claim it as a deductible.

For example, you can deduct all ordinary commercial insurance expenses you spend on equipment and products you use for your business. The commercial auto insurance cost spent on insuring your car(s) is considered a motor vehicle expense.

How Do Different Types of Insurance Apply to Me?

It depends on the services, products, and equipment you use. You can choose the specific insurance coverages that protect your mobile beauty business from the unique risks that you might face during daily operations.

You aren’t required to purchase every type of insurance available. It’s important to choose the coverage and coverage limits that are relevant to your business and budget.

Get ALIGNED with mobile beauty insurance brokered by commercial insurance specialists.

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