Hair Stylist Insurance

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Do Hair Stylists Need Insurance? 

As a busy hairstylist, you are occupied with making sure your clients look their best for both special occasions and every day. This fast-paced industry involves keeping up to date with the latest trends and ensuring you are marketing yourself and keeping your appointment book full. But part of running a successful hairstyling business, whether you operate on your own or as part of a larger salon, is covering yourself against potential risk. In your profession, there are inherent hazards, even though it may not seem like a dangerous profession. What could go wrong? Well, unfortunately quite a few things can happen. 

Hair Stylist Insurance
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What Type of Hair Stylist Insurance Do I Need?

To guard against potential harms, hairstylists need a comprehensive insurance package that is suited to their particular business. You may have one chair in a busy salon space, you may work out of your home or be mobile. And you may operate a salon yourself, with other stylists booking space from you. Whatever the nature of your hairstylist business, ALIGNED can help you find the perfect coverage. 

Depending on the scope of your business, the following are coverages to consider as part of your hairstylist insurance package: 

  1. General Liability Insurance – This coverage protects you against potential claims that can come from having the public interact with your business. It covers potential bodily injury and property damage that clients may experience, like a slip and fall as an example, as a result of your business operation, as well as any harm that can come from advertising. 
  2. Property Insurance – this coverage protects the physical assets your hairstylist business uses to operate, including a physical salon if applicable, as well as your equipment. 
  3. Cyber Liability Insurance – this insurance guards you against cyber losses and breaches that could affect your online client database and website. 
  4. Hairstylist Errors and Omissions Insurance – this coverage protects you in the event your work is seen to be inadequate or negligent by a client. 

When do Hair Stylists Need Insurance? 

There are numerous potential scenarios that you will need to have insurance as a hairstylist. They can include: 

1. While applying colour to your client’s hair, a drop of a product falls on her new and very expensive leather pants causing discolouration. She wants the pants replaced and you are responsible for paying for them. 

2. While doing a client’s hair for her wedding, you accidentally apply the wrong product to her hair. The product you apply causes her hair to bleach, she claims you have ruined her wedding and sued for damages. 

3. Your online appointment system is hacked and you have to rebuild your appointments for the next six months. 

There are many instances when hairstylists need proper insurance coverage in order to cover themselves and ensure they don’t have to pay damages out of pocket. Even a small claim can have a big impact on your small business. 

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