Beautician Insurance

As a beautician, your focus is the comfort and care of your clients. You provide services that many rely on to feel confident and beautiful, from hair and makeup services, to nails and to skincare. Your clients trust you with their appearances and you deliver results. But sometimes things can happen unexpectedly that may have an adverse effect on the people you serve. Make sure you are prepared and protected for the unanticipated consequences of your services with the right beautician insurance. 

Beautician Insurance
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When is Beautician Insurance Necessary?

Although you try to take every precaution in your work, sometimes accidents or unforeseen consequences can happen. Maybe one of your clients has an allergic reaction to a new shampoo or a product used in a facial. Perhaps the colour dye you use on a client’s hair doesn’t come out the way you had intended. You make use of various products and chemicals in your work, and it’s important to take that risk with the right insurance coverage for your business. Whether it’s a client seeking redress or another type of remedy, you have to ensure you are covered with the right/best beautician insurance coverage based on your services offered. 

What Insurance Coverage Do Beauticians Need?

There are several insurance coverages to consider for beauticians, including the following: 

  • Commercial General Liability – This coverage protects you against claims of bodily injury or property damage related to your business. CGL can also include coverage against false advertising. 
  • Professional Liability – because of the scope of beautician services the majority of coverage for injuries or financial loss clients might experience due to services received are covered by a beauticians professional liability policy and not the completed operations section of the commercial general liability policy.
  • Property Insurance – this coverage is important to protect your business property, including a physical location and expensive equipment, in the event of extreme weather events, vandalism, fire, sewer back and/or theft. If you are renting commercial space from someone else, they will often require property and CGL coverage as a condition of the lease. 
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – if you offer a mobile service you should consider commercial auto insurance to protect yourself and your staff while driving company vehicles or company use of a personal vehicle. 
  • Cyber Insurance – protect the online portion of your business from threats like malicious hacking and data loss. 

In What Circumstances do Beauticians Need Insurance? 

There are many instances when you would need insurance coverage as a beautician. Here are some examples: 

  • You try a new skin product on one of your clients the day before her wedding day. She suffers a painful and unsightly allergic reaction and seeks to sue you for damages. 
  • A hailstorm causes damage to the exterior of your salon space, necessitating a repair to your window and replacing the products, furniture and displays damaged by the storm. 
  • One of your staff runs a red light and gets into a car accident in a company vehicle on her way to an in-home appointment and severely injures the passengers in the other vehicle. 

There are many unexpected instances when you may need to rely on insurance coverage so that your beautician business is not threatened. 

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