Manufacturing, production, supply chain, and many other processes rely on expensive, specialized machinery parts. Their profits and production efficiency rely heavily on these pieces of machinery as well. As a manufacturing machinery and equipment company, your business is one of the crucial backbones for the whole manufacturing industry. You provide manufacturing and production businesses with the tools they need to operate, produce, and transport goods and services to where they need to go, so they can reach the hands of the final customer. As a result, there is little room for error for your business. But as we know, mistakes can happen even with the most careful preventative measures. You could run into problems during the machinery parts manufacturing process and during their installation. Customers could also run into issues with the functionality of the machinery parts you produced.

These problems, whether faced by your business or clients, could result in costly repercussions, such as lawsuits. That’s why it’s important to have the right type of insurance to protect you and your business. With machinery parts manufacturer insurance from ALIGNED, you can protect your livelihood with adequate coverage for the risks you might face during daily operations.

Why is Machinery Parts Manufacturer Insurance Important?

Machinery Parts Manufacturer Insurance
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Errors and accidents on your part could result in a chain of events that cause financial loss to your business and clients.

  • You produced a faulty machinery part that malfunctions or causes injury to your client.
  • Your manufacturing equipment breaks down due to an insured peril which causes delays in the production process.
  • Your manufacturing plan suffers property damage from a thunderstorm.

There are also many other risks that machinery parts manufacturers might face during daily operations. Machinery parts manufacturer insurance from ALIGNED can protect your business against these risks and more.

What Does Machinery Parts Manufacturer Insurance Include?

Commercial General Liability Insurance – protects your business against lawsuits and liability alleging property damage, false advertising, injuries, libel, slander, etc., arising from the premises, operations, products, and completed operations of your business.

Pollution Liability Insurance – there are pollution risks to the surrounding land, water systems, and air throughout your manufacturing operations. Pollution liability insurance protects your business from liability, lawsuit, and cleanup costs for on-site and off-site pollution cases.

Product Liability Insurance – If you are a manufacturer that produces and sells products, there are risks associated with the products your customers buy. Product liability insurance provides protection against injuries, illnesses, and property damages that your customer suffers as a result of your products.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance – The manufacturing process relies on special equipment and machinery that can malfunction at any time. Equipment breakdown insurance covers equipment breakdowns resulting from insured perils like electrical surges and many others.

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