Where Can I Buy Insurance For Manufacturers In Canada?

Buying Guide | How to buy commercial insurance for manufacturers

Moving parts. That’s what you and your employees deal with every day in the manufacturing sector. The products you manufacture are complex to build. Supply chain management is complicated. Whether you build tiny parts for new tech, manufacture large scale concrete objects or create a key component on an assembly line, your risks are always changing.

Margins are always on your mind because a small tweak can have major impact on your bottom line. This is why we gathered up some relevant and timely insurance insights for Canadian manufacturers.

5 Coverages Of Particular Interest To Manufacturers

You’ve got lots to think about when buying insurance for manufacturers. Our experienced insurance brokers are well aware of the complexities of the manufacturing business. This is why we identify key coverages that manufacturers should be on the outlook for. Some of these include:

  1. Comprehensive Business Interruption. If a power outage happens in your plant and stock is damaged as a result, you need manufacturers insurance that responds.
  2. Deferred Payment. Do you have a contract with a client to conditionally sell product &/or produce product for a future date? Deferred stock payment plan coverage ensures associated risks are covered.
  3. Replacement Cost. Unfortunately, product stock that’s been carefully warehoused can still get damaged or even lost. This is why coverage that delivers the cost to replace stock is important for manufacturers.
  4. Temporary and Crane Operators. Your client may be using new equipment that they haven’t advised you about. Or you may be using specialized equipment to move and lift products with a crane. These are a few reasons why you need the best coverage options for manufacturers.
  5. Waiver of Deductible. Sometimes losses are fiscally catastrophic. This is why having a built-in waiver can help cap the deductible you will pay in the event of a major loss.

Where Can I Buy Insurance For Manufacturers In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Here’s how the best manufacturing insurance options add up

Whether you manufacture automotive parts, die cutting parts, food products, vending products or other products, manufacturing insurance is a business cornerstone.

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