Insurance For Frozen Food Stores In Canada

Insurance For Frozen Food Stores In Canada

Insurance for frozen food stores in Canada must be customized based on the store. M&M Food Markets was founded in Kitchener in 1980. It now has over 425 stores. Each store is unique, even if the products available may be largely the same.

Highland Farms was first opened in Toronto in 1963 and now has 3 locations. Insurance for frozen food stores must vary based on size, location and number of employees. Customization of insurance is key. You’ll also need to know what types of insurance are most important to you and your store. Lastly, you’ll need to know how to get insurance without the hassle of searching through insurance companies who assume your store has the same needs as any other retail store. Contact ALIGNED Insurance for a free quote at 18662870448 and let us do the searching for you.

What Is Customized Insurance?

Customized insurance for frozen food stores is what you get when an insurance company understands that your business is different than other retail stores. Even frozen food stores under the same name should have customized insurance based on their location. If your store has 3 employees and minimal foot traffic, your insurance should not be equivalent to a big box store. At ALIGNED Insurance we want to know what risks you’re most concerned about, and offer coverage that puts your mind at ease.

What Types Of Insurance Does A Frozen Foods Store Need?

Commercial General Liability Insurance is the type of insurance that every retail store needs. You are liable if someone injures themselves in your store. With general liability insurance you can be covered for legal costs is someone decides to sue you due to injury. This is so important because, despite your best efforts, someone might still be injured on your property. Whether they slip on ice or a box falls on their toe, you need your insurance to protect you from these potential risks.

Product Liability Insurance offers protection in the event that a product is defective. This type of liability insurance is important to have because you can’t open every box to ensure that your products are all exactly as the label describes. If a product is faulty, you may have no idea until the customer takes it home. In cases of bodily harm due to mislabeling, businesses have gone under because the awarded damages in a lawsuit can be so high. You’ll want to assess the risks associate with product liability that your business faces.

Property Insurance offers coverage from damage done to your property. This usually refers to weather damage. If you experience a storm that causes damage to your freezers, you want to be able to replace those freezer systems as soon as possible. Your business shouldn’t have to be stalled because of storm damage. Your property can be protected by your insurance, and this may vary with different locations. You’ll want to assess whether your store is at a high risk for weather related damage, or if nearby businesses also pose a risk to your premises. In addition, loss of power due to a weather related event or machinery breakdown can be catastrophic which is why appropriate consequential loss coverage is needed.

Crime Insurance protects your business from both employee and customer crimes. If an employee is stealing your products, you can be compensated for those losses. If a customer commits credit card fraud, you can recoup those losses as well.

How Do I Get Insurance For Frozen Food Stores?

Use ALIGNED Insurance Online Products in order to get insurance for a frozen food store right away. It only takes a few clicks to get insurance and then you can get back to business. If you’d like to discuss customized insurance, call ALIGNED Insurance at 18662870448. You will find that talking with an insurance broker talks the work out of finding insurance. Instead of you searching through quotes from multiple insurance companies, we can do the searching for you. You can tell us what concerns you most about protecting your business, and we can find the insurance that’s right for you.

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