Insurance For Bridal Stores In Canada

Bridal Stores Insurance In Canada

Insurance for bridal stores in Canada is individualized by store because your bridal store is different than anyone else’s. Your reputation is built on your beautiful stock, and your impeccable customer service. Brides will come to your store when they hear about the experiences their friends had, and the quality of the dresses their friends got to try on. It’s up to your insurance to help you keep your bridal store running smoothly through any storm. We all know brides are beautiful, angelic creatures…until something goes wrong. Insurance policy for bridal stores is how your business can continue to run smoothly through known and unknown risk of working in such a high-stress environment.

FLARE lists some of the most popular bridal stores across Canada, including the price ranges that each store works within. In Vancouver Bragging Bride offers dresses from $500-$5,000, while Blush Bridal has gowns from $2,500-12,000. No matter the price range, insurance policy for bridal stores is an essential aspect of keeping your business afloat. In Toronto, brides shop at LoversLand for gowns from $1,700-$7,999, or at Sash and Bustle from $1,800-$6,200. These retailers need to feel confident that their high-value items are protected from damage, theft, and repeated wear.

Why Do Bridal Stores Need Customized Insurance?

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If your insurance company treats your bridal store like any other retail store, your insurance fails to cover some of the risks that your business faces. Your store needs insurance coverage to protect you from potential legal costs that come from unhappy brides whose dresses didn’t turn out the way they wanted. Some bride’s expectations about their fittings are unrealistic, for example, how fast they can be done. Brides who gain or lose weight after their fitting may still expect their dress to fit. Insurance policies for bridal stores aren’t the same as other retail stores because the industry isn’t the same as any other clothing store. In addition, insurance policies for bridal stores have to be customized even between different shops based on the number of people you employ and the risks of your geographic location.

What Types Of Insurance Do Bridal Stores Need?

Commercial General Liability Insurance is your insurance coverage for liability if anyone is harmed in your store. Your insurance covers you for any legal costs if a customer pricks themselves on a pin or scratches themselves on beading. Every retail store needs general liability insurance but yours may need to be more extensive given how volatile some customers can be.

Product Liability Insurance is coverage for defective or malfunctioning products. Product liability insurance is also very important because even with your best efforts, a dress could go home with a client with a pin still in it. Your insurance can cover you if a customer claims that a dress malfunctioned after they left the shop.

Property Insurance is your insurance for property damage. Most of the time property insurance claims are due to weather damage. No matter your location, if there’s a massive storm, those damages will be covered so you can continue to keep your appointments.

Crime Insurance is your coverage to protect from crimes committed by employees and customers. Your insurance company offers coverage if an employee steals from your store. You also have coverage if a customer commits theft or credit card fraud.

How Do You Get Insurance For A Bridal Store?

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