Immigration Attorney Insurance

Canada is known for its mixture of people that come from all different ethnicities, backgrounds, and nationalities. As we welcome many immigrants into our borders each year, immigration attorneys play an important role throughout the entire process. Immigration attorneys prepare the documents for any written immigration applications, such as visas and study permits. They also represent your case at your hearing at a tribunal and help you fill out your immigration application paper, including citizenship applications, sponsorship applications, work permits, and more. Any mistakes can result in costly losses for clients. As a result, it’s important to have the proper insurance to protect themselves against liability and litigation.

ALIGNED provides comprehensive immigration attorney insurance policies to help you stay covered against unexpected events.

Immigration Attorney Insurance
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Why is Immigration Attorney Insurance Important?

The immigration process is complex and stressful for people trying to come into Canada. Any mistakes throughout the process can lead to long delays or invalid immigration status which can cost your clients and your business a lot.

  • Errors, negligence, or omissions in your services can cause costly losses or delays for your client that results in dissatisfaction.
  • You could face claims of libel, slander, or false advertising from a client or another third party.
  • You provide wrong advice to your client for their immigration application process.
  • You are accused of not performing the services as promised.

Regardless of what the risks are, having immigration attorney insurance can protect you and your business from the risks of liability and litigation.

What Does Immigration Attorney Insurance Include?

Commercial General Liability Insurance – also known as CGL insurance, commercial general liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage clients suffer from the services and advice that your business and immigration services provided.

Errors & Omissions Insurancealso known as professional liability insurance, E&O insurance covers third-party claims of errors and negligence during your services. For example, if a client files a claim of misconduct or negligence, E&O insurance provides coverage for the cost of legal defence, settlements, etc. 

Commercial Property Insurance – you might have office space where you provide your services. Commercial property insurance covers losses and damages to the property and assets your attorney referral service uses to conduct business.

Cyber Liability Insurance – you might have a website or store client paperwork in an online database. This covers loss from copyright, data breaches, defamation accusations, ransomware fees, breaches of client information, and more.

Find the Right Immigration Attorney Insurance for Your Business

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