Human Resources Consulting Insurance

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Human resources consultants offer a range of highly specialized advice and expertise to businesses of all types, industries, and sizes. You are hired to help businesses solve complex human resources problems and make recommendations to management teams about improving human resources processes.

However, anytime that professional advice is given, there are always risks involved with the advice. Clients can be unsatisfied with your services, or your advice can cause damages and financial loss to your clients. Unexpected events can also impact your business, which has a negative effect on your clients, increase costs and decrease profits.

That’s why purchasing human resources consulting is important. ALIGNED offers comprehensive human resources consulting insurance for consulting professionals to protect themselves and their businesses against the risks of liability and litigation.

Human Resource Consulting Insurance
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Why is Human Resources Consulting Insurance Important?

No matter if you’re an independent consultant, operate a small firm, or have a service contract with a large consulting firm, human resource consulting insurance can protect you from difficult situations that can occur when you least expect it.

  • Your client could suffer financial loss because of the human resource advice you provided to the management team.
  • You are faced with claims of error, negligence, or omission during the course of your consulting duties.
  • A client could be injured or suffer property damage on your premises.

With human resource consulting insurance from ALIGNED, you and your consulting business can stay protected against these risks.

INSIGHTS: Key Coverages Human Resources Consultants Should Consider…

Commercial General Liability Insurance – also called CGL insurance, provides coverage for injuries, bodily harm, and property damages occurring to a third party during your business operations. It can also cover claims of advertising injuries, such as libel, slander, and more. As well, it often includes:

  • Products Liability Insurance – covers liability for bodily injury or property damage incurred by a merchant or manufacturer as a consequence of some defect in the product sold or manufactured.

Commercial Auto Insurance – covers medical, property damage, loss of income, disability benefits, and more if you are involved in a collision while traveling between client locations.

Commercial Property Insurance – basic insurance covers losses due to fire or lightning, including the cost of removing property as a way to protect it from further damage. You can also buy a standard policy with coverage for extended perils, such as floods, windstorms, hail, earthquakes, acts of terrorism, explosion, riots, smoke, civil commotions and vehicles that damage your property. Beyond this, coverage for vandalism and malicious mischief can also be included.

Professional Liability Insurance – even the best human resource consultants can make mistakes. But if your mistakes cause clients to not get the results you promised or financial loss, there could be lawsuits. Professional liability insurance covers situations where your mistakes cause these financial losses.

Cyber Liability Insurance – this is important if you provide services online or rely on online platforms to interact with clients in any way. From the content you put on your website to stored customer data, your cyber exposures are vast. Unfortunately, a traditional business liability policy is extremely unlikely to protect against most cyber exposures and typically explicitly excludes such coverage. If your data is compromised and normal operations are halted, cyber liability insurance can help pay for interruption related expenses.

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