Legal Expense Claim? Expect Support and Resolution.

Legal Expense Claim? Expect Support and Resolution.

Going to court is a last resort for solving a legal situation. According to the 2013 Canadian Lawyer Legal Fees Survey conducted by Canadian Lawyer, the national fees of a civil action leading up to just a two-day trial can range from $13,561 to $37,229.1

For a small, medium or, quite frankly, any sized business, these costs – in particular, if you happen to be under-insured – can have a crippling bottom line impact.

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A legal expense insurance policy can provide your business with practical advice and priceless peace of mind. DAS Canada – part of the Das Group, the global market leader in legal expense insurance – shares a real Canadian claim example of how legal expense coverage responded to an employment dispute.

“Scenario: Kate is a DAS policyholder who was sued for wrongful dismissal by one of her ex-employees. The former employee alleged he had been discriminated against and was seeking $40,000 in damages. Kate was depressed, as she knew her business could not afford to pay $40,000.

Resolution: Kate called DAS and a claim was opened. A DAS panel lawyer negotiated with the former employee, who in the end agreed to drop the case. Thanks to her DASbusiness policy, Kate avoided approximately $10,000 in legal fees, plus the stress and time costs if this had gone to court.”2

Legal Expense Claim 101

As a business owner who purchases comprehensive legal expense coverage through ALIGNED Insurance, if you have a legal expense claim you can expect:

  1. Unlimited access to a Legal Advice Helpline to discuss any business related legal or tax matter
  2. Cost coverage for all reasonable costs incurred in pursuing or defending a claim including lawyers’ fees
  3. Disbursements such as medical reports, expert witness costs and court costs
  4. Adverse costs in the event the judge finds in the other party’s favour

ALIGNED Insurance clients recognize that priority claims response is just 1 of 18 points of differentiation that we offer Canadian organizations. Across the country, we offer comprehensive legal expense insurance and support our clients in the event that they should experience a legal expense claim.

An ALIGNED Insurance Advocate can provide guidance on the amount of legal expense insurance you need and what legal expense claim coverage your business can expect when a worst-case scenario happens.

Sources: 1 2013 Canadian Lawyer Legal Fees Survey, pg 36   Canadian Lawyer   DAS Canada   2An Introduction to DASbusiness, pg 13

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