How Yacht Club Insurance Can Help Mitigate Risk

From organized cruises to regattas to educational programs, your yacht club provides a valuable social community and is part of a long and storied tradition. Like sailing, however, running a yacht club also comes with risks. Our insurance packages can help your organization safely navigate those risks.  

Helpful Risk-Reduction Tips for Yacht Harbours

Yacht Club Insurance
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The following precautions can help protect your guests, members, volunteers and the general public and minimize the potential liability risks faced by your organization:

  • Post signage that clearly warns of dangers around the club
  • Perform regular inspections on your club’s moorings, planks, signs, electrical cords, equipment and machinery
  • Have first aid kits, fire prevention equipment and defibrillators at easy-to-spot locations throughout the club and ensure staff are properly trained on them
  • Have emergency protocols in place including an evacuation plan and a crisis response team
  • Install up-to-date surveillance and security systems throughout the harbour
  • Back up your harbour’s risk management strategy with comprehensive insurance that covers all of its risks

Yacht Club Insurance Coverages

Commercial General Liability Insurance – can provide legal coverage for lawsuits alleging personal injury, property damage, false advertising and libel & slander brought against your business.

Liquor liability – liquor liability coverage is necessary if your club serves alcohol as it can protect you from legal liability for the actions of an intoxicated guest or member.

Pollution Liability Insurance – can cover cleanup costs, fines and legal fees related to pollution and spill liability.

Property Insurance – is vital for your harbour as it can provide coverage for buildings, equipment, boats, etc., in the event of a fire, flood, windstorm and other perils.

Business Interruption – this policy can provide you coverage for business income lost due to an insured peril.

Hull & Machinery Insurance & Protection and indemnity Insurance – can cover your club’s vessels, personal watercraft, borrowed and non-owned boats and barges for damage and legal liability for collisions that take place with other vessels and installations that result in property damage, bodily injury and death.

Directors & Officers (D&O) / Board Insurance – protects the directors and officers of your club whether they are volunteer or salaried members of your board. Officers and directors can be held personally liable in lawsuits alleging mismanagement, conflict of interest and other ‘wrongful acts’ without this coverage.

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