Mould Remediation Company Insurance

As a mould removal professional, every day you see how unpredictable life can be, the water damage that can seemingly come out of nowhere and the necessity of an insurance company. Our mould removal company insurance is designed specifically to protect your company from the liability risks it faces and be there for you when you need it most.

Liability Protection for Your Mould Cleanup and Restoration Services Company 

Mould Remediation Company Insurance
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Despite our best efforts, we all make mistakes. For mould removal companies, those mistakes could lead to health risks and/or further property damage and result in costly litigation.

How can a mould remediation company insurance protect you?

Here are some possible scenarios where having mould remediation company insurance would be beneficial:

  • A client hires your company to remediate the mould in an area of their office. One of your workers doesn’t properly seal off a vent. Mould spores contaminate the HVAC system and is dispersed throughout the office. After the job is completed, several employees start complaining of eye, nose and throat irritation and are forced to miss work. The employees decide to sue your mould removal service company for the time they missed and for damages related to their illnesses. 
  • When working on residential property after a leaky pipe or water damage in the home, one of your team members doesn’t properly scrub the area of the home they were responsible for, causing the family to eventually become ill and have to move into a hotel until the entire home is remediated again. The family sues for their expenses and for damage from flooding related to their illnesses.
  • A scheduling error causes you to miss a remediation job in a warehouse forcing the business to remain closed and lose more money. The client sues your remediation company for those losses.
  • When working on a residential mould removal, you notice that the family’s clothes dryer isn’t properly vented and is likely the main culprit behind their mould problem. You recommend that they have the issue repaired but they either misunderstand or forget to do so. A few months later the mould growth in their home spikes to dangerous levels and they decide to sue you claiming your mould removal company didn’t service their home properly. You’re forced to hire a lawyer to defend against the lawsuit.

The last example is a reminder that a lawsuit brought against your mould removal company doesn’t have to have merit to cost your company a considerable amount of money in legal fees.

Does mould remediation company insurance cover legal claims?

If your mould removal company faces litigation based on the services you provide, specially designed Errors & Omissions (E&O) / Professional Liability Insurance as part of your mould removal company’s insurance package can provide you with coverage for lawyers’ fees, legal defence costs, out-of-court settlements and damages awarded by a court or tribunal.

What other insurance coverages should mould remediation companies consider?

Commercial General Liability Insurance covers the typical risks associated with any contractor for things like causing property damage and/or bodily injury to third parties while conducting remediation and/or mould removal services.

Property Insurance including property damage, water leaks coverages for your mould removal tools and extensions for:

Cyber Liability & Privacy Insurance 

Commercial Auto Insurance / Commercial Vehicle Insurance 

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